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uk strong /fɔːr/ weak /r/ us /fɔːr/ //

for preposition (INTENDED FOR)

A1 intended to be given to

There's a phone message for you. 你有一個電話留言。
I'd better buy something for the new baby. 我最好給剛出生的寶寶買些東西。
There's a prize for the fastest three runners in each category. 每個組別跑得最快的前三名將會獲得獎品。

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for preposition (PURPOSE)

A2 having the purpose of

There's a sign there saying "boats for hire". 告示牌上寫著「小船出租」。
This pool is for the use of hotel guests only. 這個游泳池只供飯店客人使用。
I'm sorry, the books are not for sale. 對不起,這些書不賣。
They've invited us for dinner on Saturday. 他們已邀請我們星期六去吃晚飯。
Everyone in the office is contributing money for his leaving present. 為了送他一份離職禮物,辦公室裡每個人都出了錢。
I need some money for tonight. 我今晚需要些錢用。
Which vitamins should you take for (= in order to cure) skin problems? 治療皮膚病應該服用哪種維生素?
Put those clothes in a pile for washing (= so that they can be washed). 把那些衣服堆在一起,準備拿去洗。

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for preposition (BECAUSE OF)

A2 because of or as a result of something

I'm feeling all the better for my holiday. 因為要去度假,我感覺好多了。
"How are you?" "Fine, and all the better for seeing you!" 「你好嗎?」「我很好,見到你就更好了!」
She did 15 years in prison for murder. 她因為謀殺罪坐了15年牢。
I don't eat meat for various reasons. 我不吃肉,原因很多。
I couldn't see for the tears in my eyes. 我眼睛裡滿是淚水,甚麼都看不見。
The things you do for love! 你出於愛所做的這些事!
He's widely disliked in the company for his arrogance. 因為傲慢自大,在公司裡大家都討厭他。
She couldn't talk for coughing (= she was coughing too much to talk). 她咳得說不出話來。
Scotland is famous for its spectacular countryside. 蘇格蘭的鄉村景色壯麗,遠近聞名。
He's best remembered for his novels. 他的小說最爲知名。
I didn't say anything for fear of (= because I was frightened of) offending him. 因為怕冒犯他,所以我甚麼都不敢說。
if it wasn't/weren't for also if it hadn't been for


If it wasn't for the life jacket, I would have drowned. 如果沒有這件救生衣,我就淹死了。

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for preposition (TIME/DISTANCE)

A1 used to show an amount of time or distance

We walked for miles. 我們步行了數英里。
She's out of the office for a few days next week. 她下周會有幾天不來上班。
I'm just going to lie down for an hour or so. 我就上床睡大約一小時。
I haven't played tennis for years. 我已經有好多年沒打網球了。

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for preposition (OCCASION)

A2 on the occasion of or at the time of

What did you buy him for Christmas? 聖誕節你給他買了甚麽?
I'd like an appointment with the doctor for some time this week. 我想這周預約個時間看醫生。
We're having a party for Jim's 60th birthday. 我們要舉辦派對慶祝吉姆的60歲生日。
I've booked a table at the restaurant for nine o'clock. 我已經在餐廳訂了九點的桌位。

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for preposition (COMPARING)

C1 used for comparing one thing with others of the same type

She's very mature for her age. 就她的年齡而言,她非常成熟。
For every two people in favour of the law there are three against. 這項法律支持者和反對者的比率為2:3。
The winter has been unusually cold for Florida. 在英格蘭,這個夏天算是很熱了。
It was a difficult decision, especially for a child. 這是困難的決定,尤其是對一個孩子來說。
For a man of his wealth he's not exactly generous. 對像他這樣身價的人來說,他一點都不大方。

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for preposition (SUPPORT)

B2 in support of or in agreement with

I voted for the Greens at the last election. 上次大選我投了綠黨的票。
Those voting for the motion, 96, and those voting against, 54. 這一動議96票贊成,54票反對。
Most of the Republicans voted for the measure.
So let's hear some applause for these talented young performers. 那麽,我們為這些年輕的天才表演者鼓掌喝彩吧。
Who's for (= who wants to play) tennis? 誰想打網球?
be all for sth

to approve of or support something very much

I've got nothing against change - I'm all for it. 我不反對改變——我完全贊成。
I'm all for gender equality, but I think the most qualified person should get the job. 我完全支援男女平等,但我不希望妻子賺得比我多。

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for preposition (IN RELATION TO)

in relation to someone or something

Her feelings for him had changed. 她對他的情感發生了變化。
He felt nothing but contempt for her. 他對她只有蔑視。
I've got a lot of admiration for people who do that sort of work. 我十分敬佩做那種工作的人。
He's quite good-looking but he's too short for me. 他長得很帥,但是對我來說有點太矮了。
The ice-cream was a little bit sweet for me. 我覺得這霜淇淋有點太甜了。
That jacket looks a little big for you. 那件外套你穿顯得有點大。
Jackie's already left and, as for me, I'm going at the end of the month. 傑基已經離開了,而我要呆到這個月底。
Luckily for me (= I was lucky), I already had another job. 幸運的是,公司宣佈要裁員的時候我已經找到了另一份工作。
How are you doing for money/time (= do you have enough money/time)? 你手頭/時間還寬裕嗎?
for all

C2 despite

For all her qualifications, she's still useless at the job. 儘管她有種種資歷,她還是不能勝任這項工作。

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for preposition (PAYMENT)

A2 (getting) in exchange

How much did you pay for your glasses? 你配這副眼鏡花了多少錢?
I've sponsored her £1 for every mile that she runs. 她每跑一英里我就捐助一英鎊。
She sold the house for a lot of money. 她這棟房子賣了一大筆錢。
The mechanic said he'd repair my car for £300. 他們說修好我的車要花300英鎊。

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for preposition (REPRESENTING)

B1 being employed by or representing a company, country, etc.

She works for a charity. 她為一家慈善機構工作。
He swam for the United States in the 2000 Olympics. 他年輕時曾效力於國家游泳隊。

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for preposition (TOWARDS)

A2 towards; in the direction of

They looked as if they were heading for the train station. 他們看上去像是朝火車站去了。
Just follow signs for the museum. 跟著指向市中心的標誌牌走就行了。
This time tomorrow we'll be setting off for the States. 明天這個時候我們將會動身去美國。
It says this train is for (= going to stop at) Birmingham and Coventry only. 上面寫著這列火車只在伯明罕和考文垂兩站停車。

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for preposition (MEANING)

A2 showing meaning

What's the Spanish word for "vegetarian"? 西班牙語中 vegetarian(素食主義者)這個詞怎麽說?
What does the "M.J." stand for? Maria José? M.J.代表甚麽?代表 Maria José 嗎?

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for preposition (TO GET)

A2 in order to get or achieve

I hate waiting for public transport. 我討厭等大眾交通。
I had to run for the bus. 我要去趕公車了。
Did you send off for details of the competition? 你去函索取介紹競賽詳情的資料了嗎?
I've applied for a job with another computer company. 我已向另一家電腦公司求職。

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for preposition (DUTY)

the duty or responsibility of

As to whether you should marry him - that's for you to decide. 至於你該不該嫁給他,這得由你自己決定。
It's not for me to tell her what she should do with her life. 不該由我來告訴她應該過甚麽樣的生活。
"How many people should I invite to the party?" "It's not really for me to say." 至於她請多少人,這好像不該我來說。

for preposition (IN TROUBLE)

for it UK informal mainly US in for it

in trouble

You'll be for it when she finds out! 等她查出來你就麻煩了!


uk strong /fɔːr/ /r/ us /fɔːr/ // old-fashioned or literary

for conjunction (BECAUSE)

because; as

She remained silent, for her heart was heavy and her spirits low. 由於心情沈重情緒低落,她一直沈默不語。

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