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uk /fɔːs/ us /fɔːrs/

force noun (PHYSICAL)

B2 [ U ] physical, especially violent, strength, or power

The force of the wind had brought down a great many trees in the area. 強風刮倒了這一地區的許多樹木。
She slapped his face with unexpected force. 她打了他一耳光,出乎意料地用力。
Teachers aren't allowed to use force in the classroom. 老師管教學生時禁止使用體罰。
The police were able to control the crowd by sheer force of numbers (= because there were more police than there were people in the crowd). 警方完全依靠人數上的優勢才控制住了人群。
in force

in large numbers

Photographers were out in force at the White House today 許多攝影師今天出現在皇宮。

[ C or U ] specialized in scientific use, (a measure of) the influence that changes movement

the force of gravity 重力
combine/join forces

C2 to work with someone else in order to achieve something that you both want


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force noun (INFLUENCE)

C2 [ C or U ] (a person or thing with a lot of) influence and energy

He was a powerful force in politics. 在戰爭年代他是英國政壇上舉足輕重的人物。
Fishermen are always at the mercy of the forces of nature (= bad weather conditions). 漁夫們總是聽天由命。
a force to be reckoned with

C2 If an organization or a person is described as a force to be reckoned with, it means that they are powerful and have a lot of influence.

The United Nations is now a force to be reckoned with. 聯合國現在是一個不可輕視的組織。
force of habit

If you do something out of force of habit, you do it without thinking because you have done it so many times before.


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force noun (GROUP)

B2 [ C ] a group of people organized and trained, especially for a particular purpose

the security forces 安保部隊
the work force 勞動大軍
He joined the police force right after graduating. 他從學校一畢業就當了員警。
the forces [ plural ]

the military organizations for air, land, and sea


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force noun (IN OPERATION)

in/into force

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C2 (of laws, rules, or systems) existing and being used

New driving regulations are going to come into force this year. 新的駕駛規章今年開始實施。

forceverb [ T ]

uk /fɔːs/ us /fɔːrs/

force verb [ T ] (GIVE NO CHOICE)

B2 to make something happen or make someone do something difficult, unpleasant, or unusual, especially by threatening or not offering the possibility of choice

[ + to infinitive ] I really have to force myself to be nice to him. 我確實要強迫自己才能做到對他和顔悅色。
[ + to infinitive ] You can't force her to make a decision. 你不能強迫她作決定。
Hospitals are being forced to close departments because of lack of money. 由於缺乏資金,醫院正被迫關閉部分診療科。
You could tell he was having to force back the tears (= stop himself from crying). 你能看得出他在強忍著淚水。
I didn't actually want any more dessert, but Julia forced it on me (= made me accept it). 我其實不想再要甜點了,但是朱莉亞硬要我吃。
I couldn't stay at their flat - I'd feel as if I was forcing myself on them (= making them allow me to stay). 我沒法呆在他們的公寓——我會覺得好像是自己在勉強他們留我一樣。
You never tell me how you're feeling - I have to force it out of you (= make you tell me)! 你從不告訴我你的感受——我要逼你說才行!

specialized biology, food & drink If plants or vegetables are forced, they are made to grow faster by artificially controlling growing conditions such as the amount of heat and light.

forced strawberries 催熟的草莓
force a laugh/smile

to manage, with difficulty, to laugh or smile

I managed to force a smile as they were leaving. 他們離開時,我強裝笑顔。
force an/the issue

to take action to make certain that an urgent problem or matter is dealt with now

If the management wouldn't listen to their demands, they would have to force the issue by striking. 如果管理層不理會他們的要求,他們就不得不透過罷工來迫使問題得到解決。

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force verb [ T ] (USE PHYSICAL POWER)

C2 to use physical strength or effort to make something move or open

Move your leg up gently when you're doing this exercise, but don't force it. 在做這一動作時把腿輕輕往上抬,但不要用力。
If you force the zip, it'll break. 如果你使勁拉拉鏈,會拉壞的。
She forced her way through the crowd. 她在人群中擠出一條路。

to break a lock, door, window, etc. in order to allow someone to get in

I forgot my key, so I had to force a window. 我忘帶鎖匙了,只好撬窗進去。
[ + adj ] The police had forced open the door because nobody had answered. 因為沒人應門,員警強行將門砸開了。
The burglar forced an entry (= broke a window, door, etc. to get into the house). 那個竊賊破門而入。

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