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forknoun [ C ]

uk /fɔːk/ us /fɔːrk/

fork noun [ C ] (FOOD)

A2 a small object with three or four points and a handle, that you use to pick up food and eat with

a knife and fork. 一副刀叉

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fork noun [ C ] (GARDEN)

a tool with a long handle and three or four points, used for digging and breaking soil into pieces

a garden fork. 園藝用叉

fork noun [ C ] (DIVISION)

a place where a road, river, etc. divides into two parts, or either of those two parts

When you reach a fork in the road turn right. 到了岔路口走右邊那條路。
Take the left-hand fork.


uk /fɔːk/ us /fɔːrk/

fork verb (DIVIDE)

[ I ] If a road or river forks, it divides into two parts.

The hotel is near where the road forks. 酒吧在馬路的岔口附近。

[ I + adv/prep ] UK to turn in one of two different directions

Fork left/right where the road divides. 在岔路口走左邊/右邊那條路。

fork verb (GARDEN)

[ T ] to move or dig something with a fork


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