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uk /fɔːm/ us /fɔːrm/

B2 [ I or T ] to begin to exist or to make something begin to exist

A crowd formed around the accident. 事故現場圍起了一群人。
A solution began to form in her mind. 她想到了一個解決辦法。
I formed the impression (= the way she behaved suggested to me) that she didn't really want to come. 我形成了一種印象:她其實並不想來。

B1 [ L only + noun ] to make or be something

The lorries formed a barricade across the road. 數輛貨車橫在路上,形成了路障。
Together they would form the next government. 他們將共同組建下屆政府。
This information formed the basis of the report. 這些資訊奠定了報告的基礎。

[ I ] formal If separate things form, they come together to make a whole.

The children formed into lines. 孩子們排好了隊。

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uk /fɔːm/ us /fɔːrm/

form noun (DOCUMENT)

A2 [ C ] a paper or set of papers printed with spaces in which answers to questions can be written or information can be recorded in an organized way

an application form (= document used for asking officially for something, for example a job) 申請表
an entry form (= document used to enter a competition) 報名表
Please fill in/out the form with black ink. 請用黑色墨水填寫表格。
When you have completed the form, hand it in at the desk. 填完表格後,請交到這張桌子上來。

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form noun (TYPE)

B2 [ C ] a type of something

Swimming is the best form of exercise. 游泳是最佳的鍛煉方式。

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form noun (SHAPE)

C1 [ C ] the shape or appearance of something

I could just about make out his sleeping form on the bed. 我只能隱約看出他在床上睡覺時的輪廓。
The moon highlighted the shadowy forms of the hills. 月光凸顯了山巒影影綽綽的輪廓。
The lawn was laid out in the form of the figure eight. 草坪被設計成了八字形。
take form

to gradually be seen or gradually develop

Trees and hedges started to take form as the fog cleared. 隨著霧氣散去,樹和籬笆開始漸漸顯露。
As they chatted, the idea of going skiing together gradually took form. 他們聊天時,逐漸形成了一起去度假的想法。

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form noun (ABILITY)

[ U ] A competitor's form is their ability to be successful over a period of time.

Both horses have shown good form over the last season. 兩匹馬在上個賽季中都表現出了良好的競技狀態。
After a bad year, she has regained her form. 經過一年的低迷後,她已恢復了競技狀態。
be on good, great, etc. form C2 UK US be in good, great, etc. form

to be feeling or performing well

Paul was on good form at the wedding and kept everyone entertained. 保羅在婚禮上情緒極佳,把大家都逗得樂呵呵的。

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form noun (GRAMMAR)

B1 [ C ] specialized language one part of a verb or other word that has a special use or meaning

The continuous form of "stand" is "standing". stand 的進行時形式是 standing。
"Stood" is the irregular past tense form of "stand". stood 是 stand 的屈折形式。
"Hers" is the possessive form of "her". hers 是 her 的所有格形式。
"Isn't" is the short form of "is not". isn't 是 is not 的縮寫形式。

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form noun (SCHOOL GROUP)

B1 [ C ] in the UK, a class of school children or a group of classes of children of a similar age


form noun (BEHAVIOUR)

bad form old-fashioned

rude behaviour

Was that bad form then, leaving so early? 那麽,這麽早離開失禮嗎?

form noun (SEAT)

[ C ] old-fashioned a long, thin seat, usually without a back


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