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uk /freʃ/ us /freʃ/

fresh adjective (NEW)

B1 [ before noun ] new or different

The original orders were cancelled and I was given fresh instructions. 原來的命令撤銷了,我又接到了新的指令。
Fresh evidence has emerged that casts doubts on the men's conviction. 出現了新的證據,對這些人的定罪出現了疑點。
We need to take a fresh look at the problem. 我們需要重新看待該問題。
Your coffee is cold - let me make you a fresh cup. 你的咖啡涼了——我給你沖一杯新的吧。
There has been fresh fighting between police and demonstrators. 警方和示威者又發生了衝突。
They decided to move abroad and make a fresh start. 他們決定移民海外,從頭開始。

[ before noun ] approving new and therefore interesting or exciting

His book offers some fresh insights into the events leading up to the war. 他的書就導致那場戰爭的事件提出了一些新穎的見解。
We have tried to come up with a fresh new approach. 我們試圖找到一種新穎的方法。

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fresh adjective (RECENT)

B2 recently made, done, arrived, etc., and especially not yet changed by time

There was a fresh fall of snow during the night. 晚上剛下了一場雪。
There's nothing better than fresh bread, straight from the oven. 再也沒有甚麽比剛出爐的新鮮麵包更好的了。
The house, with its fresh coat of paint, looked beautiful in the sunshine. 這所房子剛刷過漆,在陽光下顯得很漂亮。
She's fresh out of college and very bright. 她剛剛大學畢業,人很聰明。
The events of last year are still fresh in people's minds (= people can remember them easily). 人們對去年發生的一些事仍記憶猶新。
be fresh out mainly US

If you are fresh out of something, you have just finished or sold all of it, so that there is no more left.


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fresh adjective (NATURAL)

A2 (of food or flowers) in a natural condition rather than artificially preserved by a process such as freezing

fresh fruit and vegetables 新鮮水果和蔬菜
fresh fish/meat 鮮魚/肉
fresh coffee 新煮的咖啡

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fresh adjective (AIR)

B1 (of air) clean and cool; found outside rather than in a room

I opened the window to let some fresh air in. 我打開窗子放進一些新鮮空氣。
fresh mountain air 山裡的新鮮空氣
I'm just going out for a breath of fresh air. 我正要出去呼吸新鮮空氣。

Fresh weather is cool, sometimes with wind.

It was a lovely, fresh spring morning. 這是一個涼爽宜人的春天的早晨。
There's a fresh breeze today. 今天風不小,有些涼意。

fresh adjective (CLEAN)

B1 clean and pleasant

I felt wonderfully clean and fresh after my shower. 洗完澡後我感到非常清爽舒適。
I use a mouthwash to keep my breath fresh. 我用漱口水保持口氣清新。
This wine has a light, fresh taste. 這種葡萄酒味道清淡爽口。

fresh adjective (NOT TIRED)

C1 [ after verb ] energetic, enthusiastic, and not tired

I'll deal with this problem in the morning when I'm fresh. 我會在上午精力充沛的時候處理這一問題。
Try and get some sleep on the plane, then you'll arrive feeling fresh. 儘量在飛機上睡一會兒,到達時就會有精神。

fresh adjective (SKIN)

C2 (of a face) natural, healthy, and young looking

She has a lovely fresh (= clear and smooth) complexion. 她氣色很好,皮膚光潔。

fresh adjective (NOT SALTY)

C2 [ before noun ] (of water) not salty

Trout are fresh water fish (= live in water that is not salty). 鱒魚是淡水魚。
These plants are found in fresh water lakes and rivers (= those containing water that is not salty). 這些植物生長在淡水河湖裡。

fresh adjective (TOO CONFIDENT)

informal being too confident and showing no respect, or showing by your actions or words that you want to have sex with someone

Don't you get fresh with me, young woman! 別勾引我,姑娘!
He started getting fresh (= behaving in a sexual way) in the cinema, so she slapped his face. 在戲院裡他就對她動手動腳,所以她打了他一耳光。


uk /freʃ-/ us /freʃ-/

recently done

fresh-baked bread 剛出爐的麵包
fresh-cut flowers 新剪下的花朵

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