Translation of "front" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C usually singular ] (PLACE) 位置 uk us /frʌnt/

the part of a building, object or person's body which faces forward or which is most often seen or used

The front of the museum is very impressive. 博物館的正面極爲壯觀。
He spilt soup all down his front. 他把湯灑得前襟上都是。
He was lying on his front. 他俯臥著。
The shop front occupies a very prominent position on the main street. 這家商店的門臉在大街上佔據了一個非常顯眼的位置。

the part of a vehicle which is nearest to its direction of movement

Do you want to sit in the front (= next to the driver)? 你想坐到前座上來嗎?
If we sit near the front of the bus, we'll have a better view. 如果我們坐在公車的前部,視野就會好一些。

the outside part or cover of a book, newspaper, or magazine

There was a picture of the Trevi fountain on the front of the book. 書的封面上有一張特裡威噴泉的圖片。

one of the first pages in a book

There's an inscription in the front of the book. 書的前面一頁上有題詞。
in front

further forward than someone or something else

The car in front suddenly stopped and I went into the back of it. 前面的車突然停住,結果我就撞上車尾了。
She started talking to the man in front of her. 她開始跟前面的那個男人攀談起來。

winning a game or competition

By half time the Italians were well in front. 半場時義大利隊遙遙領先。
in front of

close to the front part of something

There's parking space in front of the hotel. 旅館前有停車的地方。

where someone can see or hear you

Please don't swear in front of the children. 當著孩子們的面請不要罵人。
up front

If you give someone an amount of money up front, you pay them before they do something for you

He wants all the money up front or he won't do the job. 他要求預付全款,否則他就不接這工作。

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