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fullnessnoun [ U ]

also fulness uk /ˈfʊl.nəs/ us /ˈfʊl.nəs/

fullness noun [ U ] (CONTAINING A LOT)

the fact that something is full


fullness noun [ U ] (COMPLETE)

the quality of being complete or containing a lot of detail

The fullness of the research report (= how much detail it contains) has been widely praised. 研究報告之詳盡受到了廣泛的讚揚。
I envy him the fullness of his life (= how busy and interesting his life is). 我真羡慕他那充實的生活。

fullness noun [ U ] (FOOD)

having eaten a lot

I've always disliked that feeling of fullness after a large meal. 我一直不喜歡大吃一頓之後的那種飽脹感。

fullness noun [ U ] (STRONG QUALITY)

the quality of having a strong flavour, sound, smell, etc.

I like this cheese for the fullness of its flavour. 我喜歡這種乳酪的濃鬱氣味。

fullness noun [ U ] (LARGE)

the quality of being large or rounded

the fullness of her lips

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