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fusenoun [ C ]

uk /fjuːz/ us /fjuːz/

fuse noun [ C ] (SAFETY PART)

a small safety part in an electrical device or piece of machinery that causes it to stop working if the electric current is too high, and so prevents fires or other dangers

My hairdryer's stopped working - I think the fuse has blown (= broken). 我的吹風機壞了——我想可能是保險絲斷了。
Have you tried changing the fuse? 你有沒試過換根保險絲?

fuse noun [ C ] (DEVICE ON EXPLOSIVE)

a string or piece of paper connected to a firework or other explosive product by which it is lit, or a device inside a bomb that causes it to explode after a fixed length of time or when it hits or is near something

He lit the fuse and ran. 他點燃了導火索後就跑了。

fuseverb [ I or T ]

uk /fjuːz/ us /fjuːz/

fuse verb [ I or T ] (JOIN)

to join or become combined

Genes determine how we develop from the moment the sperm fuses with the egg. 從精子和卵子結合的那一刻起,基因就決定了我們會如何成長。
The bones of the skull are not properly fused at birth. 出生的時候頭骨結合得並不緊密。
In Istanbul, East and West fuse together in a way that is fascinating to observe. 在伊斯坦堡,觀察東西方的融合是件令人興味盎然的事。

fuse verb [ I or T ] (MELT)

to (cause to) melt (together) especially at a high temperature

The heat of the fire fused many of the machine's parts together. 熾灼的大火把機器的很多部件都熔化在了一起。

fuse verb [ I or T ] (STOP WORKING)

UK When an electrical device or piece of machinery fuses, or when someone or something fuses it, it stops working because the electric current is too high.

Either my headlights have fused or the bulbs have gone. 要麽是車前燈的保險絲斷了,要麽是燈泡壞了。
The kids were messing around with the switches and they fused the lights. 孩子們瞎搗鼓開關,結果把燈的保險絲燒斷了。

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