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uk /ˈfjuː.tʃər/ us /ˈfjuː.tʃɚ/

future noun (TIME TO COME)

the future [ S ]

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B1 a period of time that is to come

Sometimes I worry about the future. 有時候我擔心未來。
I wonder what the future holds for (= what will happen to) you and me. 我不知道你和我未來會怎麽樣。
I'm sure at some point in the future I'll want a baby. 我確信在未來的某個時候我會想要一個孩子。
We need to plan for the future. 我們需要計劃一下未來。
Do you plan to leave New York in the distant future or the near future? 你計劃在較遠的將來還是不久之後離開倫敦?
I can see those two getting married in the not too distant future (= quite soon). 我看得出那兩個人離結婚不遠了。

A2 language the form of a verb that you use when talking about something that will happen or exist

In the sentence "He will study" the verb phrase "will study" is in the future. 句子 Who will take care of the dog?中,動詞短語 will take 用的是將來式。

C2 [ C ] what will happen to someone or something in the time that is to come

Torn apart by war, its economy virtually destroyed, this country now faces a very uncertain future. 經過戰爭的蹂躪,這個國家的經濟幾乎遭到了根本性的破壞,前途未蔔。
She's a very talented young singer, Mike, and I personally think she's got a great future ahead of her! 她是個非常有天賦的年輕歌手,麥克,我個人認爲她的前途一片光明。
The future isn't looking too rosy for these companies. 這些公司的前途看起來不怎麽妙。

B1 [ S or U ] the chance of continuing success or existence for something

With falling audiences, the future of this theatre is in doubt. 隨著觀眾數量的下降,這家劇院的未來堪憂。
in future mainly UK US usually in the future

B1 used at the beginning or end of a sentence in which there is a decision about a plan of action or a warning

Could you be more careful in future? 你以後能不能仔細些?
In future I won't bother asking him out anywhere if he's just going to complain that he's bored! 從今往後如果他抱怨說無聊,我不會再邀他出去玩。
In future I'm going to check every single piece of work that you do! 今後我要檢查你做過的每項工作。

future noun (MONEY)

futures [ plural ]

agreements for the buying and selling of goods, in which the price is agreed before a particular future time at which the goods will be provided

the futures market 期貨市場
She works in futures. 她從事期貨交易。

futureadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈfjuː.tʃər/ us /ˈfjuː.tʃɚ/

B1 happening or existing in the future

Of course we'll keep you up to date about any future developments. 當然我們會讓你知道將來最新的進展情況。
There's an old superstition that young girls going to bed on this night dream of their future husbands. 有這麽一種古老的迷信,認爲年輕姑娘們這天晚上睡覺會夢到未來的丈夫。

language The future form of a verb is used when talking about something that will happen or exist.

How do you say that in the future tense? 那句話用將來式怎麽說?
for future reference

used when you tell someone something so that it will be known about and can be used in the future

For future reference, could you use the headed paper for any correspondence that leaves this office? 以後要記住,從這個辦公室發出去的信都要用帶有抬頭的信紙。

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