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uk /ɡeɪm/ us /ɡeɪm/


A1 [ C ] an entertaining activity or sport, especially one played by children, or the equipment needed for such an activity

a board game 棋類遊戲
indoor/computer games 室內娛樂活動/電腦遊戲
The children played a game of cops and robbers. 孩子們玩官兵捉強盜的遊戲
I told the children to put their toys and games away. 我告訴孩子們把玩具和遊戲用品收拾好。

A2 [ C ] a particular competition, match, or occasion when people play a game

a game of chess/tennis/baseball 國際象棋/網球/棒球比賽

[ C ] one part of a competition in activities such as tennis

I won the first game, and then lost the next two. 我贏了第一局,但是後兩局都輸掉了。
games [ plural ]

UK also physical education, PE organized sports activities that children do at school

the games teacher 體育老師
It's games this afternoon. 今天下午上體育課。

an organized competition consisting of several different sports events

the Olympic/Commonwealth Games 奧林匹克/英聯邦運動會

[ U ] the way in which a person plays a particular sport

Susan is playing golf every day to try to improve her game. 蘇珊每天打高爾夫努力提高球技。

[ S ] something that is not treated seriously

Love is just a game to him. 愛情對他而言只是場遊戲。

More examples

game noun (ACTIVITY)

[ S ] informal an illegal or secret activity


[ S ] old-fashioned informal a type of business activity

I'm in the stocks and shares game. 我幹股票交易這一行。
on the game

UK informal working as a prostitute

She went on the game to pay for her drug habit. 她靠賣淫賺錢滿足毒癮。

US informal involved in illegal activities


game noun (ANIMALS)

[ U ] wild animals and birds that are hunted for food or sport

game birds 供捕獵的鳥


uk /ɡeɪm/ us /ɡeɪm/

willing to do things that are new, difficult, or that involve risks

It was a difficult challenge, but Roberta was game. 這是個難度很高的挑戰,但是羅伯塔很樂於嘗試一下。
She's game for anything. 任何事情她都願意嘗試。

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