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gesturenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈdʒes.tʃər/ us /ˈdʒes.tʃɚ/

gesture noun [ C ] (MOVEMENT)

C1 a movement of the hands, arms, or head, etc. to express an idea or feeling

The prisoner raised his fist in a gesture of defiance as he was led out of the courtroom. 犯人被帶出法庭時,舉起拳頭以示抗議。
She made a rude gesture at the other driver. 她對另一個司機做了個粗魯的手勢。

More examples

  • "All this is mine, " she said with a sweeping arm gesture.
  • Since they spoke only Swahili, we used signs and gestures to make ourselves understood.
  • The taxi driver made a rude gesture as he overtook us.
  • He threw his hands up in a gesture of despair.
  • When she ruffled the boy's hair, it was meant as a playful gesture - but he was furious.

gesture noun [ C ] (SYMBOLIC ACT)

C1 an action that expresses your feelings or intentions, although it might have little practical effect

The government donated £500,000 as a gesture of goodwill. 該政府捐助了50萬英鎊以示友善。
Eating boiled potatoes instead of chips was his only gesture towards healthy eating. 他說要注意飲食健康,可也僅僅是吃馬鈴薯時不抹奶油而已。

More examples

  • Releasing the hostages has been seen as a goodwill gesture.
  • Five hundred troops were sent in, more as a gesture of strength than as a real threat.
  • The demonstration is a pointless gesture of defiance against the government.
  • What better finale to her career than this extravagant gesture?
  • The press release is a face-saving gesture.

gestureverb [ I ]

uk /ˈdʒes.tʃər/ us /ˈdʒes.tʃɚ/

C2 to use a gesture to express or emphasize something

When he asked where the children were, she gestured vaguely in the direction of the beach. 他問她孩子們在哪裡,她心不在焉地朝沙灘方向指了一下。
He made no answer but walked on, gesturing for me to follow. 他沒有回答而繼續向前走,打了個手勢讓我跟上。

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