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uk /ɡet/ us /ɡet/ present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got or US usually gotten

get verb (OBTAIN)

A1 [ T ] to obtain, buy, or earn something

He went to the shop to get some milk. 他到那家街角小店買牛奶去了。
UK I think she gets about £40,000 a year. 我想她一年大約賺四萬英鎊。
We stopped on the way to get some breakfast. 我們在高速公路上,中途停車吃了點早餐。
I managed to get all three suitcases for under $200. 我設法以低於200美元的價格把三個手提箱全買下了。
How much did he get for his car? (= How much money did he sell it for?) 他的汽車賣了多少錢?
Where did you get your shoes from? 你的收音機在哪裡買的?

A1 [ T ] to receive or be given something

UK I got quite a surprise when I saw her with short hair. 我看到她剪了短髮,感到很詫異。
When did you get the news about Sam? 你是甚麼時候得到關於山姆的消息?
I got a phone call from Phil last night. 我昨晚接到菲爾的一個電話。
What grade did he get for the exam? 這次考試他得了多少分?
I got the impression that they'd rather be alone. 我覺得他們寧願不要別人陪伴。
What did you get for your birthday? 你生日收到了甚麼禮物?
We don't get much snow (= it does not often snow) here. 我們這兒不大下雪。
I managed to get a glimpse of him (= see him for a moment) through the crowds. 我從人群的縫隙中看了他一眼。
If you get a moment (= have time available), could you help me fill in that form? 你要是有時間的話,能不能幫我填那張表?
She gets such pleasure from her garden. 她從她的花園中得到很多樂趣。
If you can get some time off work, we could finish the decorating. 如果你能從工作中抽出一點時間,我們就可以完成裝修。
I can never get her to myself (= be alone with her) because she's always surrounded by people. 我從來無法跟她獨處,因為她身邊總是有人圍著。

A2 [ T ] to go somewhere and bring back someone or something

Let me go get my glasses.
[ + two objects ] Can I get you a drink? 我給你端杯飲品,好嗎?

[ T ] to take someone or something into your possession by force

Have the police got the man who did it yet? 員警已經逮到做這事的人了嗎?
Your cat got a bird this morning! 你的貓今天上午抓住了一隻小鳥!

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get verb (REACH)

A1 [ I usually + adv/prep, T ] to reach or arrive at a particular place

We hadn't even got as far as London when the car broke down. 我們連倫敦都沒開到,汽車就拋了錨。
What time does he normally get home (from work)? 他(下班後)一般甚麼時候回到家?
If you get to the restaurant before us, just wait at the bar. 如果你比我們先到飯店,在吧檯那裡等就行了。

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to reach a particular stage, condition, or time

You earn loads of money if you get to the top in that profession. 那種職業你要是晉升到了高層,會賺很多錢。
It got to Thursday and she still hadn't heard any news. 都星期四了,她仍然沒有聽到任何消息。
informal I'm getting to the stage now where I just want to give up. 現在,我幾乎到了一心想要放棄的地步。
get far/somewhere/anywhere

to make progress or to improve

She's taking flute lessons, but she really doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with it. 她正在上長笛班,但是她好像一點進步也沒有。
It's been hard settling in, but I feel like I'm getting somewhere at last. 適應的過程非常艱難,但我覺得最終還是有所進步。

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get verb (BECOME ILL WITH)

B1 [ T ] to become ill with a disease, virus, etc.

I got food poisoning at that cheap little seafood restaurant. 我在那家廉價的小海鮮餐館進餐後食物中毒了。
Kids get all kinds of bugs at school. 孩子們在學校裡會得各種小毛病。

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get verb (START TO BE)

B1 [ L ] to become or start to be

He gets really upset if you mention his baldness. 你要是提他禿頭的事兒,他就會很生氣。
Is your cold getting any better? 你感冒好點兒了嗎?
Your coffee's getting cold. 你的咖啡要涼掉了。
After a while you get used to all the noise. 過一會兒你就會習慣這些噪音了。
You're getting to be such a big boy, aren't you! 你長成個大男孩了,是不是!
[ + to infinitive ] How did you get to be a belly dancer? 你是怎麼成為一個肚皮舞舞蹈員的?
get going/moving C2 informal

to start to go or move

We'd better get moving or we'll be late. 我們最好開始動身,不然就要晚了。

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get verb (CAUSE)

B1 [ T ] to cause something to happen, or cause someone or something to do something

[ + adj ] She had to get the kids ready for school. 她得幫孩子們收拾妥當好去上學。
[ + past participle ] I'm trying to get this article finished by Thursday. 我正在努力趕這篇文章,好在星期四交。
We get our groceries delivered. 我們叫人把牛奶送過來。
[ + -ing verb ] Were you able to get the copy machine working? 你還沒把影印機弄好嗎?
[ + to infinitive ] I can't get my computer to work! 我的電腦沒法用了!

B2 [ T + obj + to infinitive ] to persuade someone to do something

Why don't you get Nicole to come to the party? 你為甚麼不勸妮高一起來參加聚會?

[ T + past participle ] to do something to something or someone without intending to or by accident

He got his bag caught in the train doors as they were closing. 火車關門時,他的袋子給卡在了門縫裡。
I always get the two youngest sisters' names confused. 我總是混淆那兩個最小的姐妹的名字。

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get verb (BE)

B1 [ L + past participle ] sometimes used instead of "be" to form the passive

(有時代替 be 構成被動形式)變成,變得,被
I got shouted at by some idiot for walking past his house. 一個白癡嫌我從他家門口走過去,向我大喊大叫。
They're getting married later this year. 他們將在今年晚些時候結婚。
This window got broken. 這扇窗戶好像被打破了。

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get verb (MOVE)

B1 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to move to a different place or into a different position

I hit my head as I was getting into the car. 我鑽進汽車時碰到了頭。
Get out of here now or I'll call the police. 你現在從這兒出去,不然我就報警。
The bed is too wide - we'll never get it through the door. 這張床太寬了——我們不可能把它搬進門去。
Getting up the ladder was easy enough - it was coming down that was the problem. 上梯子很容易——難就難在怎樣下來。
He got down on his knees and asked me to marry him! 他跪下來向我求婚!

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get verb (TRAVEL)

A1 [ T ] to travel somewhere in a train, bus, or other vehicle

Shall we get a taxi to the station? 我們乘計程車去車站吧?

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get verb (DEAL WITH)

B1 [ T ] to deal with or answer a ringing phone, knock on the door, etc.

Hey, Ty, someone's at the door - would you get it, please? 哎,泰,有人敲門,麻煩你去開門,好嗎?

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get verb (HAVE CHANCE)

B2 [ I + to infinitive ] to have the chance to do something

I never get to see her now that she works somewhere else. 她離開了公司,我再也沒見過她。

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B2 [ T ] to understand or hear something

I didn't get what he said because the music was so loud. 音樂聲太大了,我聽不見他說甚麼。
I told that joke to Sophia, but she didn't get it. 我跟蘇菲亞講了那個笑話,可她沒有聽懂。

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  • I didn't get that joke he told - did you?
  • Sorry, I still don't get it. You'll have to explain.
  • I didn't get that. Could you say it again?
  • I didn't get half of what he said because he talks so fast.
  • Did you get that? I hadn't a clue what he said.

get verb (PREPARE)

[ T ] to prepare a meal

I'll put the kids to bed while you're getting dinner ready. 你做飯,我哄孩子們上床睡覺。

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get verb (PAY)

[ I or T ] to pay for something

Put your money away - I'll get these drinks. 把你的錢收起來——這些飲料我付錢。

get verb (CONFUSE)

[ T ] informal to confuse someone and make them completely unable to understand or explain

Give him a technical question - that'll really get him! 問他個技術性問題——肯定會把他難住!
you've got me there! informal

something that you say when you do not know the answer to a question

"How many ounces in a kilo?" "You've got me there." 「五公里是多少英里?」「你真把我難住了。」

get verb (ANNOY)

[ T ] informal to annoy someone

It really gets to me the way we're expected to actually laugh at his pathetic jokes! 他講那種無聊的笑話,還非要我們笑不可,我真的受不了!

get verb (EMOTION)

[ T ] informal to make someone feel strongly emotional and often cry

That part in the film when he finds out that his daughter is alive - that always gets me! 電影中,他發現自己的女兒還活著的那個情景——我一看到那裡就很感動!

get verb (HIT)

[ T ] to hit someone, especially with a bullet or something thrown

The bullet got her in the leg. 子彈擊中了她的腿。

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