Translation of "get" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (START TO BE) 變得 uk us /ɡet/ (present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got or US gotten)

[ L ] to become or start to be

He gets really upset if you mention his baldness. 你要是提他禿頭的事兒,他就會很生氣。
Is your cold getting any better? 你感冒好點兒了嗎?
Your coffee's getting cold. 你的咖啡要涼掉了。
After a while you get used to all the noise. 過一會兒你就會習慣這些噪音了。
You're getting quite a big boy now, aren't you! 你長成個大男孩了,是不是!
[ + to infinitive ] How did you get to be a belly dancer? 你是怎麼成為一個肚皮舞舞蹈員的?
get going/moving informal

to start to go or move

We'd better get moving or we'll be late. 我們最好開始動身,不然就要晚了。

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