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go through sth

phrasal verb with go uk /ɡəʊ/ us /ɡoʊ/ verb present participle going, past tense went, past participle gone


B2 to experience a difficult or unpleasant situation

I've been going through a bad patch recently. 近來這一段時間我日子過得不好。
You'd think his children would be more sympathetic towards him after all he's gone through (= the many bad things he has experienced). 也許你會覺得,在他經歷過這一切苦難後,他的子女們會對他多些同情。

More examples

  • She's gone through a lot in order to achieve what she has.
  • He went through a difficult spell when he lost his job.
  • It's just a phase she's going through.
  • I apologize for what you had to go through.
  • I don't know how he goes through that ordeal every day.


B2 to examine something that contains a collection of things carefully in order to organize them or find something

I'm going through my wardrobe and throwing out all the clothes I don't wear any more. 我要把衣櫃徹底清理一下,把不穿的衣服都找出來扔掉。
Remember to go through the pockets before you put those trousers in the washing machine. 在把褲子放進洗衣機之前,要記著仔細翻翻褲袋。

More examples

  • "I can't find my keys." "Have you gone through your jacket pockets?"
  • Would you mind if we went through your pockets?
  • I don't like to go through other people's drawers.
  • We went through all the cupboards and drawers and found things we hadn't seen for years.
  • She's going through all the drawers, looking for a pen.


to do something in order to practise or as a test

Why don't we go through the whole demonstration once more? 請你把那個動作再練一遍,然後停車。


to use a lot of something

Before I gave up coffee, I was drinking five cups a day. 我沒戒煙時一天要抽40支香煙。
I went through a hundred quid on my last trip to London. 我上一次去倫敦旅遊花掉了100英鎊。

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