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uk /ˈɡʌv.ən.mənt/ /ˈɡʌv.əm.mənt/ us /ˈɡʌv.ɚn.mənt/

government noun (GROUP)

B1 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] written abbreviation govt the group of people who officially control a country

the government of Israel 以色列政府
The government is/are expected to announce its/their tax proposals today. 預計今天政府會公佈稅收計劃。
The minister has announced that there will be no change in government policy. 部長宣佈政府政策將不會有任何改變。
Senior government officials will be attending a meeting tomorrow. 政府高級官員們明天將參加一個會議。
Theatre companies are very concerned about cuts in government grants to the arts. 政府削減藝術撥款,各戲劇演出公司對此非常擔心。
A government enquiry has been launched. 政府調查已經啟動。

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government noun (SYSTEM)

B2 [ U ] the system used for controlling a country, city, or group of people

The 1990s saw a shift to democratic government in Eastern Europe. 20世紀90年代東歐國家紛紛向民主體制轉軌。
What this state needs is really strong government. 這個國家需要的是一個健全有力的政體。

B2 [ U ] the activities involved in controlling a country, city, group of people, etc.

The party that was elected to power has no experience of government. 當選上臺的這個政黨沒有執政經驗。
UK The party was in government (= controlled the country) for four years in the 1960s. 這個政黨在20世紀60年代曾執政四年。
Her/His Majesty's Government

the government of the UK


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