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graspverb [ T ]

uk /ɡrɑːsp/ us /ɡræsp/

grasp verb [ T ] (TAKE)

C1 to quickly take something in your hand(s) and hold it firmly

Rosie suddenly grasped my hand. 羅茜突然抓住了我的手。

If you grasp an opportunity, you take it eagerly.

We must grasp every opportunity to strengthen economic ties with other countries. 我們必須把握住一切機會加強與其他國家的經濟聯繫。

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grasp verb [ T ] (UNDERSTAND)

C1 to understand something, especially something difficult

I think I managed to grasp the main points of the lecture. 我覺得我理解到演講的要點。
The government has acknowledged that homelessness is a problem but it has failed to grasp the scale of the problem. 政府已經承認很多人無家可歸是個問題,但還沒有意識到問題的嚴重性。

Phrasal verb(s)


uk /ɡrɑːsp/ us /ɡræsp/

grasp noun (HOLD)

C2 [ S ] the act of holding onto someone or something

He shook my hand with a very firm grasp. 他非常有力地和我握了握手。

C2 [ U ] the ability to get, achieve, or keep something

The presidency at last looked within her grasp (= it looked possible that she might become president). 終於,總裁的職位對她來說似乎伸手可及。
Why is success always beyond my grasp (= impossible to get)? 為甚麼我總是功敗垂成?
The gold medal slipped from his grasp (= he was unable to get it) in the last moments of the race. 在比賽最後一刻他與金牌失之交臂。
I sometimes think that he's losing his grasp on reality (= his ability to judge what is real and what is not). 有時我覺得他認不清現實。

grasp noun (UNDERSTANDING)

C2 [ S or U ] understanding

He has a good grasp of the issues. 恐怕我對經濟學知識的瞭解非常有限。

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