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uk /ɡreɪt/ us /ɡreɪt/

great adjective (BIG)

A2 large in amount, size, or degree

an enormous great hole 巨大的洞
The issue is of great importance to voters. 一大群人聚集在總統官邸外面。
The improvement in water standards over the last 50 years has been very great. 過去50年,水質有了很大的提高。
A great many people would agree. 很多人會表示贊同。
The great majority of (= almost all) people would agree. 絕大多數人都會表示贊同。
formal It gives us great pleasure to announce the engagement of our daughter Maria. 我們非常高興地宣佈我們的女兒瑪利亞訂婚了。
formal It is with great sorrow that I inform you of the death of our director. 我萬分悲痛地通知您我們院長逝世的消息。
I have great sympathy for you. 我對你深表同情。
I spent a great deal of time there. 我在那裡渡過了很長時間。

[ before noun ] used in names, especially to mean large or important

a Great Dane (= large type of dog) 大丹尼犬
Catherine the Great 凱瑟琳大帝(指葉卡捷琳娜二世)
the Great Wall of China 中國萬裡長城
the Great Bear (= group of stars) 大熊星座

More examples

  • A great number of women used to die in childbirth.
  • For a goalkeeper, it's a great advantage to have big hands.
  • He's a great comfort to his mother.
  • She has finally got the job she wanted, but at great personal cost .
  • The pay differential between workers and management is too great.

great adjective (FAMOUS)

B2 approving famous, powerful, or important as one of a particular type

a great politician/leader/artist/man/woman 偉大的政治家/領導人/藝術家/人/女性
This is one of Rembrandt's greatest paintings. 這是倫勃朗最傑出的油畫作品之一。
Who do you think is the greatest modern novelist? 你認為誰是最偉大的現代小說家?

More examples

  • The cinematic effects in her films are clearly borrowed from the great film-makers of the past.
  • Rome, Carthage and Athens were some of the great city-states of the ancient world.
  • Gathered all together in this church, we commemorate those who lost their lives in the great war.
  • As a child, he aspired to be a great writer.
  • Despite her limitations as an actress, she was a great entertainer.

great adjective (EXTREME)

B1 extreme

great success/difficulty 巨大的勝利/極度困難

More examples

  • We're living in a time of great change.
  • The numerous awards on the walls bear witness to his great success.
  • It takes great skill to weave a basket from/out of rushes.
  • To my great surprise, they agreed to all our demands.
  • The George Cross is a decoration that is bestowed on British civilians for acts of great bravery.

great adjective (GOOD)

A1 informal very good

a great idea 好主意
We had a great time last night at the party. 昨晚聚會上我們玩得非常開心。
It's great to see you after all this time! 分開那麼長時間,再見到你真是太高興了!
"I'll lend you the car if you like." "Great! Thanks a lot!" 「要是你想駕駛的話,我可以把車借給你。」「那太好了!多謝!」
"What's your new teacher like?" "Oh, he's great." 「你的新老師怎樣?」「噢,他非常好。」
"How are you feeling now?" "Great." 「現在你的感覺怎樣?」「太好了。」

informal used to mean that something is very bad

Oh great ! That's all I need - more bills! 嘿,真絕!該遇上的全遇上了——又來帳單了!

More examples

  • Everyone says it's a great movie, but I think it's overrated.
  • My new hiking boots will be great once I've broken them in.
  • Ireland boasts beautiful beaches, great restaurants and friendly locals.
  • I think the party was great.
  • There's a great film on TV at midnight.
noun [ U ] uk /ˈɡreɪt.nəs/ us /ˈɡreɪt.nəs/

B2 skill and importance

Her greatness as a writer is unquestioned. 她是一名偉大的作家,這無可置疑。

greatadverb [ before noun ], adjective

uk /ɡreɪt/ us /ɡreɪt/ informal

B2 used to emphasize the meaning of another word

a great big spider 巨型蜘蛛
a great long queue 排得特別長的隊
You great idiot! 你這個大傻瓜!
Pat's a great friend of mine. 派特是我的好朋友。

More examples

  • They left a great enormous pile of washing-up in the sink.
  • Take your great fat hands off my private things, you!
  • Who parked that horrible great lorry right outside my window?
  • She had a whopping great bruise on her arm.
  • He just stood there with a silly great grin on his face.

greatnoun [ C ]

uk /ɡreɪt/ us /ɡreɪt/

a famous person in a particular area of activity

former tennis great Arthur Ashe 前網壇名將亞瑟‧阿什
Woody Allen, one of the all-time greats of the cinema 伍迪‧艾倫,有史以來最偉大的電影巨擘之一


uk /ɡreɪt-/ us /ɡreɪt-/

used with a word for a family member to mean one generation away from that member

your great-grandmother (= the grandmother of one of your parents) 你的(外)曾祖母
your great-grandson (= the grandson of your child) 你的曾(外)孫

More examples

  • This is your great-uncle George. He's Daddy's uncle.
  • I have seven grandchildren, and lots of great-nephews and -nieces.
  • Adelia was my great-aunt and a very grand old lady.
  • He is the great-great-grandson of Sigmund Freud.
  • We found the graves of my great-great-grandfather and his first and second wives.

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