Translation of "grow" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (INCREASE) 增長 uk us /ɡrəʊ/ US  /ɡroʊ/ (grew, grown)

[ I or L or T ] to increase in size or amount, or to become more advanced or developed

Children grow so quickly. 小朋友長得很快。
This plant grows best in the shade. 這種植物在陰涼處長得最好。
She's grown three centimetres this year. 她今年長高了三釐米。
Football's popularity continues to grow. 足球運動越來越受歡迎。
The labour force is expected to grow by 2% next year. 勞動人口預計明年會增長2%。
The male deer grows large branching horns called antlers. 雄鹿頭上長著分岔的大角,即鹿角。

[ I or T ] If your hair or nails grow, or if you grow them, they become longer

Lottie wants to grow her hair long. 洛蒂想留長頭髮。
Are you growing a beard? 你在留鬍子嗎?
Golly, your hair's grown! 天哪,你的頭髮長起來了!

[ I ] If a plant grows in a particular place, it exists and develops there

There were roses growing up against the wall of the cottage. 村舍牆邊長著很多薔薇,攀爬到了牆上。

[ T ] If you grow a plant, you put it in the ground and take care of it, usually in order to sell it

The villagers grow coffee and maize to sell in the market. 村民們種植咖啡和玉米到市場上賣錢。

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