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uk /ɡrəʊθ/ us /ɡroʊθ/

B2 [ U ] The growth of a person, animal, or plant is its process of increasing in size.

A balanced diet is essential for healthy growth. 營養均衡的飲食對於健康發育是不可或缺的。
Plant growth is most noticeable in spring and early summer. 在春天和初夏之時, 植物的生長最為明顯。

B2 [ U ] an increase in the size or the importance of something

The government is trying to limit population growth. 政府正在努力控制人口增長。
The rapid growth of opposition to the plan has surprised the mayor. 反對這一計劃的勢力突然激增,讓政務委員會驚詫不已。
Electronic publishing is a growth area (= an area of activity that is increasing in size and developing quickly). 電子出版業是一個正在發展壯大的產業。

[ C ] a lump (= a solid mass) growing on the outside or inside of a person, animal, or plant that is caused by a disease

a cancerous growth on the liver 肝臟上的惡性腫瘤

[ C or U ] something that has grown

Graham came back from the camping trip with a week's growth of beard on his chin. 格拉漢姆渡假回來了,下巴上的鬍子一星期都沒有刮。

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