Translation of "guarantee" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /ˌɡær.ənˈtiː/

[ C or U ] a promise that something will be done or will happen, especially a written promise by a company to repair or change a product that develops a fault within a particular period of time

The system costs £99.95 including postage, packing and a 12-month guarantee. 包括郵資、包裝費用,該系統價格共計99.95英鎊,保用12個月。
The video recorder comes with/has a two-year guarantee. 這台錄像機保修期為兩年。
a money-back guarantee 退款保證
[ + that ] The United Nations has demanded a guarantee from the army that food convoys will not be attacked. 聯合國要求這支軍隊保證不攻擊護送糧食的車隊。
[ + (that) ] There is no guarantee (that) the discussions will lead to a deal. 商談不一定能達成任何協議。
A product as good as that is a guarantee of commercial success (= It is certain to be successful). 那樣好的產品質量就是成功獲利的保證。
The shop said they would replace the television as it was still under guarantee. 商店說會給我們退換那台電視機,因為它還沒有過包退期。

[ C ] a formal agreement to take responsibility for something, such as the payment of someone else's debt


[ C ] specialized something valuable which you give to someone temporarily while you do what you promised to do for them, and which they will keep if you fail to do it


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