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uk /ɡʌʃ/ us /ɡʌʃ/

gush verb (FLOW)

[ I usually + adv/prep, T ] to flow or send out quickly and in large amounts

Oil gushed (out) from the hole in the tanker. 石油從油輪的那個漏洞中噴湧而出。
Blood was gushing from his nose. 他的鼻子流血不止。
Her arm gushed blood where the knife had gone in. 她肩膀上被刀紮傷的地方鮮血直冒。

gush verb (EXPRESS)

[ I or T ] to express a positive feeling, especially praise, in such a strong way that it does not sound sincere

[ + speech ] "You're just so talented!" she gushed. 「你可真是個人才!」她誇張地說。

gushnoun [ S ]

uk /ɡʌʃ/ us /ɡʌʃ/

gush noun [ S ] (FLOW)

a large amount of liquid or gas that flows quickly

Showers with pumps are more expensive, but they deliver a really powerful gush of water. 帶有水泵的淋浴間要貴得多,但是噴水量很大。

gush noun [ S ] (EXPRESSION)

a sudden strong and positive feeling, or an expression of positive feeling, usually so strong it does not sound sincere


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