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uk /hæk/ us /hæk/

hack verb (CUT)

[ I or T, + adv/prep ] to cut into pieces in a rough and violent way, often without aiming exactly

Three villagers were hacked to death in a savage attack. 三名村民在一場野蠻打鬥中被砍死。
The butcher hacked off a large chunk of meat. 屠夫砍下了一大塊肉。
UK figurative The article had been hacked about (= carelessly changed) so much that it was scarcely recognizable. 被大刀闊斧地刪改之後,這篇文章幾乎面目全非了。

[ T usually + adv/prep ] UK in football and rugby, to kick the ball away or to foul (= act against the rules) by kicking another player in the leg

He was twice hacked down in the second half by the other team's sweeper. 普拉特在下半場兩次被對方的自由中衛鏟倒。

hack verb (INFORMATION)

[ I or T ] to get into someone else's computer system without permission in order to find out information or do something illegal

Computer hacking has become widespread over the last decade. 電腦駭客現象在過去十年裡非常普遍。
A programmer had managed to hack into some top-secret government data. 一個程式設計師設法用駭客手段竊取了一些絕對機密的政府資料。
He claimed they had spied on him and tried to hack his computer.

hack verb (MANAGE)

[ T usually in negatives ] informal to manage to deal successfully with something

I tried working on the night shift for a while, but I just couldn't hack it. 我試著上了一段時間的夜班,但還是受不了。

hack verb (HORSE)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] also go hacking to ride a horse for pleasure


Phrasal verb(s)

hacknoun [ C ]

uk /hæk/ us /hæk/

hack noun [ C ] (WRITER)

disapproving a journalist (= writer for newspapers or magazines) whose work is low in quality or does not have much imagination

僱傭文人(捉刀者; 寫手)(指受僱爲報刊撰寫庸俗文章者)
Fleet Street hacks 艦隊街的寫手

hack noun [ C ] (POLITICIAN)

disapproving a politician, especially one who is not important

tired old party hacks 迂腐的老政客

hack noun [ C ] (HORSE)

a ride on a horse in the countryside


hack noun [ C ] (DRIVER/CAR)

US informal (the driver of) a car that is available for rent, especially a taxi


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