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uk /ˈhæn.dɪ.kæp/ us /ˈhæn.dɪ.kæp/

handicap noun (CONDITION)

[ C or U ] old-fashioned a condition in which part of your body or mind has been permanently damaged or does not work normally. This word is now considered offensive by many people, who prefer the word disability.

a physical handicap 身體殘疾
In cases of severe mental handicap, constant supervision is recommended. 對於嚴重的智障病人,建議進行不間斷的監護。

handicap noun (DIFFICULTY)

[ C ] something that makes it difficult for you to do something

I found that not having a car was quite a handicap while on holiday. 我發現在這個國家沒有汽車非常不方便。

handicap noun (COMPETITION)

[ C ] a disadvantage given to a person taking part in a game or competition in order to reduce their chances of winning, or a sports event in which such disadvantages are given

Handicaps give people with different abilities an equal chance of winning. 讓步賽給具有不同能力的人同等的獲勝機會。
My current golf handicap is nine. 我現在的高爾夫讓分是九桿。

handicapverb [ T ]

uk /ˈhæn.dɪ.kæp/ us /ˈhæn.dɪ.kæp/ -pp-

to make something more difficult to do

Rescue efforts have been handicapped by rough seas and hurricane-force winds. 救援工作受到了大浪和颶風的阻礙。

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