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uk /ˈhæp.i/ us /ˈhæp.i/

happy adjective (PLEASED)

A1 feeling, showing, or causing pleasure or satisfaction

a happy marriage/childhood 幸福的婚姻/童年
She looks so happy. 她看起來非常快樂。
School days are said to be the happiest days of your life. 學生時代據說是一生中最快樂的時光。
Nicky seems a lot happier since she met Steve. 尼基自從認識史蒂夫之後似乎快樂多了。
You'll be happy to know that Jean is coming with us. 要是知道尚和我們一起前來,你會很高興的。
I'm perfectly happy to (= I will willingly) help out. 我非常願意幫忙。
I'm so happy (that) everything is working out for you. 我很高興你一切都很順利。
Barry seems happy enough working for himself. 巴里似乎很樂意爲自己工作。
Are you happy about/with (= satisfied with) your new working arrangements? 你對新的工作安排滿意嗎?
Your mother's not going to be very happy when she sees the mess you've made! 你媽媽如果看到你弄得亂七八糟,她是不會高興的。
formal The manager will be happy (= is willing) to see you this afternoon. 經理很樂意今天下午見你。

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happy adjective (GREETING)

A1 [ before noun ] (used in greetings for special occasions) full of enjoyment and pleasure

Happy Birthday! 生日快樂!
Happy Anniversary! 周年快樂!
Happy New Year! 新年快樂!

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happy adjective (LUCKY)

[ before noun ] (of a condition or situation) lucky

We hadn't planned to be in France at the same time as Ann and Charles - it was just a happy coincidence. 我們從未打算與安和查爾斯同時到法國——那只是一個幸運的巧合。

happy adjective (SUITABLE)

literary (of words or behaviour) suitable

It wasn't a happy choice of phrase given the circumstances. 這樣的措詞不適合這種場合。

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