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uk /hɑːd/ us /hɑːrd/

hard adjective (SOLID)

A2 not easy to bend, cut, or break

a hard surface 堅硬的表面
There was a heavy frost last night and the ground is still hard. 昨晚霜凍很嚴重,地面現在仍然很堅硬。
Heating the clay makes it hard. 黏土加熱會變硬。

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hard adjective (DIFFICULT)

A1 difficult to understand, do, experience, or deal with

There were some really hard questions in the exam. 考試中有一些很難做的題目。
It's hard to say which of them is lying. 很難說他們當中哪個在說謊。
It's hard being a single mother. 當個單親媽媽很困難。
Her handwriting is very hard to read. 她的字跡很難辨認。
He's a hard man to please. 他是個難以取悅的人。
The topics get harder later in the course. 在日後的課程中題目會更難。
I feel sorry for the kids, too - they've had a hard time. 我也覺得對不起孩子們——他們過得很辛苦。

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hard adjective (USING EFFORT)

B1 needing or using a lot of physical or mental effort

Go on - give it a good hard push! 繼續——用力推一把!
It was hard work on the farm but satisfying. 農場的工作很辛苦,但讓人有滿足感。

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hard adjective (SEVERE)

B2 not pleasant or gentle; severe

You have to be quite hard to succeed in the property business. 要想在房地産業界中獲得成功,你必須相當強硬才行。
Ooh, you're a hard woman, Elaine! 噢,你真是個硬心腸的女人,伊萊恩!
Our boss has been giving us all a hard time at work (= making our time at work difficult). 我們老闆一直都讓我們在工作的時候很不好過。
be hard on sb

B2 to criticize someone severely, or to treat someone unfairly

Don't be too hard on him - he's new to the job. 別對他太苛刻——他剛開始做這項工作。

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hard adjective (ALCOHOL)

[ before noun ] A hard drink contains a high level of alcohol.

hard liquor 烈酒

hard adjective (WATER)

Hard water contains a high level of minerals that prevent soap from cleaning.


hard adjective (CLEAR)

[ before noun ] able to be proved

hard facts/evidence 確鑿的事實/證據

hard adjective (WEATHER)

used to describe a time when there is bad weather

We had a very hard winter last year. 去年冬天天氣非常惡劣。


uk /hɑːd/ us /hɑːrd/

hard adverb (USING EFFORT)

A1 with a lot of physical or mental effort

Work hard and play hard, that's my motto. 努力工作痛快玩,這是我的座右銘。
I'm not surprised he failed his exam - he didn't exactly try very hard! 他沒通過考試我一點都不感到奇怪——他根本就沒用功。

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hard adverb (WEATHER)

B1 If it rains or snows hard, it rains or snows a lot.

It had been raining hard most of the afternoon. 大半個下午都在下暴雨。

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