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have (got) sth on

phrasal verb with have uk strong /hæv/ /həv/ /əv/ us /hæv/ /həv/ /əv/ verb had

B1 If you have clothes or shoes on, you are wearing them.

I loved that dress you had on last night. 我喜歡你昨天晚上穿的那件長裙。

UK If you have something on, you have planned to do it.

Do you have anything on this week? 本周你有甚麽安排嗎?
I've got something on this Tuesday, but I'm free on Wednesday. 星期二我有安排,但星期三沒事。

More examples

  • Jill only had a thin cotton dress on - she must have been freezing.
  • When Andy arrived he had jeans on, but Mum made him go and change.
  • You know you're only allowed to jump in the puddles if you have your wellington boots on.
  • I can't answer the door - I haven't any clothes on!
  • Molly looks very grown up when she has her work clothes on.

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