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hedgenoun [ C ]

uk /hedʒ/ us /hedʒ/

hedge noun [ C ] (BUSHES)

B2 a line of bushes or small trees planted very close together, especially along the edge of a garden, field, or road

a privet hedge 水蠟樹籬

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hedge noun [ C ] (PROTECTION)

a way of protecting, controlling, or limiting something

She'd made some overseas investments as a hedge against rising inflation in this country. 她在海外有一些投資,可以抵消該國不斷上升的通貨膨脹所帶來的損失。


uk /hedʒ/ us /hedʒ/

[ T + adv/prep, usually passive ] to limit something severely

We've got permission, but it's hedged about/around with strict conditions. 我們得到了許可,但卻有嚴格的限制條件。

[ I ] to try to avoid giving an answer or taking any action

Stop hedging and tell me what you really think. 別再拐彎抹角了,告訴我你真正的想法。


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