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uk /haɪd/ us /haɪd/ hid, hidden

B1 [ I or T ] to put something or someone in a place where that thing or person cannot be seen or found, or to put yourself somewhere where you cannot be seen or found

She used to hide her diary under her pillow. 她過去常把自己的日記藏在枕頭下。
A kilo of heroin was found hidden inside the lining of the suitcase. 在那個手提箱的內襯裡發現藏有一公斤海洛因。
I like wearing sunglasses - I feel I can hide behind them. 我喜歡戴太陽眼鏡——我覺得我可以躲在鏡片後面。

[ T ] to prevent something from being seen

He tries to hide his bald spot by sweeping his hair over to one side. 他試圖把頭髮梳向一邊來掩蓋他頭頂上的禿塊。

B1 [ T ] to not show an emotion

She tried to hide her disappointment at not getting the promotion. 她試圖掩飾自己對沒有得到擢升的失望。

B1 [ T ] If you hide information from someone, you do not allow that person to know it.

I feel sure there's something about her past that she's trying to hide from me. 我確信她想對我隱瞞她的某些過去。

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uk /haɪd/ us /haɪd/

hide noun (SKIN)

[ C or U ] the strong, thick skin of an animal, used for making leather



[ C ] UK US blind a place where people can watch wild animals or birds without being noticed by them


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