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uk /həʊld/ us /hoʊld/ held, held

hold verb (SUPPORT)

A2 [ T ] to take and keep something in your hand or arms

Can you hold the bag while I open the door? 我開門時,你能幫我拿一下提包嗎?
He was holding a gun. 他當時正拿著一把槍。
The little girl held her mother's hand. 這個小女孩抓著媽媽的手。
He held her in his arms. 他把她抱在懷裡。
[ + obj + adj ] Could you hold the door open, please? 你能扶住門讓它一直開著嗎?
Rosie held out an apple for the horse. 羅西拿著一個蘋果伸向那匹馬。
All those who agree, please hold up your hand (= raise your arm). 同意的請舉手。

[ T ] to support something

Will the rope be strong enough to hold my weight? 這根繩子承受得住我的重量嗎?
Each wheel is held on with four bolts. 每個輪胎都由四顆螺栓固定。
The parts are held together with glue. 這些部件是用膠水黏在一起的。
hold your nose

to press your nose tightly between thumb and finger in order to close it

I have to hold my nose when I jump into water. 我跳到水裡時,必須捏住鼻子。
hold hands

A2 When two people hold hands, one person holds the other person's hand, especially to show that they love each other.

They walked along holding hands. 他們手拉著手向前走。
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hold verb (CONTAIN)

B1 [ T not continuous ] to contain or be able to contain something

This jug holds exactly one pint. 這個壺子的容量剛好是一品脫。
One bag won't hold all of the shopping - we'd better take two. 買的這些東西一個袋子裝不下——我們最好拿兩個。
Computers can hold huge amounts of information. 現代的電腦能儲存大量的資料。

[ T not continuous ] If you say that the future holds something, you mean that that thing will happen

Who can tell what the future holds? 誰又能知道將來會發生甚麼事呢?

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hold verb (CONTROL)

C1 [ T ] to have something, especially a position or money, or to control something

He currently holds the position of technical manager. 他目前擔任技術經理的職務。
The bank holds large reserves of gold. 這家銀行擁有大量黃金儲備。
Despite incurring heavy losses, the rebels now hold the town and the surrounding hills. 儘管損失慘重,但現在叛軍控制了該鎮及周圍的小山。

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hold verb (KEEP)

C1 [ T ] to keep something, especially when it might have been lost

I asked the shop to hold the dress for me until this afternoon. 我要那家商店幫我把那件衣服留到今天下午。
You have to be a fairly good speaker to hold an audience's attention/interest. 要想吸引觀眾的注意力/興趣,你得成為一個相當出色的演講者才行。

B2 [ T ] to keep someone in a place so that they cannot leave

The police are holding several people in custody (= at the police station) for questioning. 警方拘留了幾個人進行詢問。
[ + obj + noun ] The terrorists held him hostage for 18 months. 恐怖分子將他扣為人質達18個月之久。
I was held prisoner in a tiny attic room. 我被囚禁在一間小閣樓裡。

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hold verb (MAKE HAPPEN)

B1 [ T ] to have something such as a meeting or an election

Could we hold a meeting to discuss this tomorrow afternoon? 明天下午我們開會討論這件事好嗎?
The election will be held on 8 August. 選舉將於8月8日舉行。
I find it's almost impossible to hold a sensible conversation with her. 我發現和她進行理性對談幾乎不可能。

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hold verb (CONTINUE)

[ I or T ] to cause to stay or continue in the same way as before

Let's hope our good luck holds. 希望我們好運不斷。
I hope the repair holds until we get the car to a garage. 我希望這樣維修能讓我們一直把車子開到修車廠。
The old adage that money talks still holds true (= is still true). 那句古老的諺語「有錢能使鬼推磨」現在依然所言甚是。
The government is committed to holding exports at their present level. 政府承諾繼續保持現有的出口標準。
The ship/aircraft held its course. 這艘船/這架飛機定住了航向。

hold verb (BELIEVE)

[ T not continuous ] to believe an idea or opinion

You sold it to me, so if it breaks I'll hold you responsible (= consider you to blame). 是你把它賣給我,所以如果壞了你得負責。
[ + to infinitive ] formal a legal decision that we hold to be unconstitutional

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hold verb (DELAY)

[ I or T ] to wait, or to stop something temporarily

They've decided to hold all future deliveries until the invoice has been paid. 他們決定,在對方付清出貨單上的貨款之前,暫停所有未來的交貨。
How long can you hold your breath (= stop breathing)? 你憋氣能憋多久?
Will you hold my calls for the next half hour please? 半小時內請不要把電話轉進來,好嗎?
She's on the phone at the moment - will you hold (the line) (= wait on the phone until she can speak to you)? 她在講電話——你能等一會兒嗎?

hold verb (NOT INCLUDE)

[ T ] US If you ask someone to hold something, you do not want them to include it.

I'd like a ham sandwich on rye, hold the lettuce. 我要一個黑麥麵包三明治,不要加生菜。


uk /həʊld/ us /hoʊld/

hold noun (SUPPORT)

B2 [ S or U ] the act of holding something or someone, or the way you do this

Keep a tight hold on your tickets. 拿好你們的票。
Don't worry if you lose hold of the reins - the horse won't wander off. 如果韁繩脫手也不用擔心——這匹馬是不會亂跑的。
catch/get/grab/take hold of sth/sb

B2 to start holding something or someone

He took hold of one end of the carpet and tugged. 他抓住地毯的一端用力拖。
I just managed to grab hold of Lucy before she fell in the pool. 我剛好在露西要掉進水池時抓住了她。

[ C ] in fighting sports, a position in which one person holds another person so that they cannot move


[ C ] a place to put the hands and feet, especially when climbing


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hold noun (CONTROL)

C2 [ S ] power or control over something or someone

Their company has a strong hold on/over the computer market. 他們公司對電腦市場有很大影響力。

hold noun (DELAY)

on hold

C1 If you are on hold when using the phone, you are waiting to speak to someone.

Mr Briggs is on hold. 布裡格斯先生正在電話那頭等著呢。
He's on the phone at the moment- can I put you on hold? 他的電話忙線中——您不要掛斷電話,等一會兒可以嗎?

C1 If an activity is on hold, it has been intentionally delayed.

Everything's on hold again because of the bad weather. 因為天氣惡劣,一切都再次延遲了。
The movie has been put on hold until the financial situation improves. 那部電影暫時中止拍攝,直到財政狀況有所好轉為止。

hold noun (SPACE)

[ C ] the space in a ship or aircraft in which goods are carried


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