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uk /ˈhɒl.əʊ/ us /ˈhɑː.loʊ/

hollow adjective (EMPTY)

C2 having a hole or empty space inside

a hollow tube 空心管子
Hollow blocks are used because they are lighter. 使用空心磚是因為它們更輕。
a hollow log 空心的原木
hollow cheeks/eyes

If you have hollow cheeks or eyes, your cheeks curve in or your eyes look deep in your head because you are old, tired, or ill.


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hollow adjective (NOT SINCERE)

C2 (of situations, feelings, or words) without value, or not true or sincere

It was something of a hollow victory - she won the case but lost all her savings in legal fees. 這是一個毫無價值的勝利——她贏了訴訟,卻也為此花光了所有積蓄。
Even sex had become a hollow pleasure. 甚至連性都變得無聊乏味,失去了原有的樂趣。
Will their good intentions become realities or are they just hollow promises? 他們的美好願望會變成現實嗎?或者只是空口諾言?

hollow adjective (SOUND)

(of sound) as if made by hitting an empty container

a hollow sound 低沉的聲音
This tree trunk sounds hollow. 這棵樹的樹幹敲起來聲音空洞。

hollownoun [ C ]

uk /ˈhɒl.əʊ/ us /ˈhɑː.loʊ/

a hole or empty space in something, or a low area in a surface

The dog found a hollow in the ground to hide in from the wind. 那隻狗在地上發現了一個可以鑽進去避風的洞。

US a valley

We used to go for long walks in the hollow. 我們以前常去山谷遠足。
Sleepy Hollow 睡穀

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