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noun (HOUSE/APARTMENT) 房子/公寓 uk us /həʊm/ US  /hoʊm/

[ C or U ] the house, apartment, etc. where you live, especially with your family

The senator has two homes - an apartment in Washington and a house in Colorado. 這位參議員有兩個家——一個是位於華盛頓的公寓,另一個是科羅拉多的家。
He was living on the streets for three months, and his home was a cardboard box. 他在大街上住了三個月,他的家就是一個厚紙箱。
Phone me at home after four o'clock. 四點之後打家裡的電話找我。
I took home a couple of books to read. 我帶一些書回家閱讀。
He left home (= stopped living with his parents) when he was 23. 他23歲時離家獨立生活。
More and more couples are setting up home together without getting married. 越來越多伴侶不結婚就組成家庭。

[ C ] a house, apartment, etc. when it is considered as property which you can buy or sell

luxury/starter homes 豪華住宅/作為過度而買的第一間小房子

[ C ] the type of family you come from

We had a happy home. 我們有一個幸福的家庭。
children from a broken home (= from a family in which the parents had separated) 來自破碎家庭的孩子

[ C ] a place where people or animals live and are cared for by people who are not their relations or owners

a children's home/an old people's home/a dogs' home 孤兒院/養老院/流狼狗收容所
He spent his early years in a home. 他的幼年時期在孤兒院度過。

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