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uk /ˈhɒr.ər/ us /ˈhɔːr.ɚ/

B2 [ U ] an extremely strong feeling of fear and shock, or the frightening and shocking character of something

The crowd cried out in horror as the car burst into flames. 當汽車突然起火時,人群發出一陣驚恐的叫聲。
The thought of speaking in front of so many people fills me with horror. 一想到要在那麼多人面前講話,我心裡就不由得一陣害怕。
I then realized to my absolute horror, that I had forgotten the present. 那時我驚恐地意識到,我把禮物給忘了。
What the book does convey very successfully is the horror of war. 那本書的確成功描繪出戰爭的恐怖。
horrors [ plural ]

things that are very shocking or frightening

The population now faces the horrors of starvation. 人們現在正面臨著飢餓的威脅。
Nuclear war is one of the horrors that face the modern world. 核子戰爭是當今世介面臨的幾大威脅之一。

[ C ] informal a child who behaves very badly

Her youngest boy is a little horror. 她最小的兒子是個小淘氣。

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