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hurtverb [ I or T ]

uk /hɜːt/ us /hɝːt/ hurt, hurt

A2 to feel pain in a part of your body, or to injure someone or cause them pain

Tell me where it hurts. 告訴我哪裡痛。
My head hurts. 我的頭很痛。
She says that her ear hurts her. 她說她的耳朵很痛。
Emma hurt her back when she fell off her horse. 艾瑪從馬上摔下來,背部受了傷。
Several people were seriously/badly hurt in the explosion. 有好幾個人在這次爆炸中受了重傷。

B1 to cause emotional pain to someone

She criticized my writing quite severely and that hurt. 她很嚴厲地批評我所寫的東西,讓我很傷心。
He was badly hurt by the end of his marriage. 婚姻的結束深深地傷害了他。

to cause harm or difficulty

A lot of businesses are being hurt by the current high interest rates. 目前的高利率給很多企業造成不利的影響。
These allegations have seriously hurt her reputation. 這些指控嚴重損害了她的名聲。
Hard work never hurt anyone (= does no one any harm). 努力工作絕不會對任何人有害。
informal One more drink won't hurt (= won't cause any harm). 多喝一杯不會有甚麼害處的。

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hurtadjective [ after verb ]

uk /hɜːt/ us /hɝːt/

B1 injured or in pain

Let me help you up. Are you hurt? 我扶你起來。你傷到哪裡?
Put that knife away before someone gets hurt. 把那把刀收起來以免傷到人。

B1 upset or unhappy

I feel very hurt by what you said. 你說的話令我很傷心。
"That was very unkind," he said in a hurt voice. 「那太無情了。」他帶著受到傷害的語氣說。

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hurtnoun [ S or U ]

uk /hɜːt/ us /hɝːt/

emotional pain

The hurt after a relationship breaks up can be awful. 失戀可能會帶來極大的痛苦。
Her brave smile concealed a deep hurt. 她勇敢的微笑背後隱藏著深深的痛苦。

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