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uk /aɪˈdɪə/ us /aɪˈdiː.ə/

idea noun (SUGGESTION)

A2 [ C ] a suggestion or plan for doing something

I've had an idea - why don't we go to the coast? 我有個主意——我們為甚麼不去海濱呢?
"Let's go swimming." "That's a good idea!" 「我們去游泳吧。」「好主意!」
If you have any ideas for what I could buy Jack, let me know. 我給傑克買甚麼東西好,如果你有甚麼主意請告訴我。
That's when I first had the idea of starting (= planned to start) my own business. 那是我首次有了自己創業的想法。
I like the idea of living in the countryside but I'm not sure I'd like the reality. 我覺得住在鄉村的想法很好,但我不肯定是否喜歡這樣一種現實。
She's full of bright (= good) ideas. 她滿腦子好點子。
[ + to infinitive ] It was Kate's idea to hire bikes. 租腳踏車是凱特的主意。
It's not a good idea to drive for hours without a rest. 連續開車幾個小時都不休息不是個好主意。

More examples

  • It was such a brilliant idea - a real stroke of genius.
  • I'll mention your ideas to Jacinta.
  • She has a lot of interesting ideas, but they're not very practical.
  • He had some crazy idea about turning waste paper into animal food.
  • It's a good idea to read up on a company before going for an interview.

idea noun (KNOWLEDGE)

B2 [ S or U ] an understanding, thought, or picture in your mind

Do you have any idea of what he looks like? 你知道他長甚麼樣子嗎?
Can you give me an idea of the cost (= can you tell me approximately how it costs)? 你能告訴我費用大概是多少嗎?
I don't like the idea of living so far away from my family. 我不喜歡住在離家這麼遠的地方。
[ + question word ] I haven't the slightest/faintest idea where they've gone. 我根本不知道他們去了哪裡。
I've got a pretty good idea why they left early. 我很清楚他們為甚麼早早就離開了。

More examples

  • I hadn't the slightest idea what he was talking about.
  • I've got a pretty good idea of how to get there.
  • I've no idea how to set about changing a tyre on a car.
  • Is that the time? I'd no idea it was so late.
  • She has a romantic idea of what it's like to be a struggling young artist.

idea noun (BELIEF)

B1 [ C ] a belief or opinion

We have very different ideas about disciplining children. 我們對於如何管教孩子看法大不相同。
[ + that ] Dr Leach puts forward the idea that it is impossible to spoil a child. 利奇提出的觀點是,寵壞孩子是不可能的。
I'm not married - where did you get that idea (= what made you believe that)? 我沒有結婚——你這個想法是從哪裡來的?

More examples

  • Some people have the idea that national identity will be lost as a result of European integration.
  • I'm very much against the idea that it is the woman's job to bring up the child.
  • Do you agree with the idea that violence on television has a harmful effect on children?
  • Everyone has their own ideas about the best way to bring up children.
  • Lenin carried Marx's ideas a stage further by putting them into practice.

idea noun (PURPOSE)

C1 [ S ] a purpose or reason for doing something

The idea of the game is to get rid of all your cards as soon as you can. 遊戲的目的是盡快出完手中的牌。
The whole idea (= only purpose) of advertising is to make people buy things. 廣告的唯一目的就是讓人買東西。
The idea behind the lottery is to raise money for good causes. 發行全國性彩票的目的在於為慈善事業籌款。

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