Translation of "idea" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (SUGGESTION) 建議 uk us /aɪˈdɪə/

a suggestion or plan for doing something

I've had an idea - why don't we go to the coast? 我有個主意——我們為甚麼不去海濱呢?
"Let's go swimming." "That's a good idea!" 「我們去游泳吧。」「好主意!」
If you have any ideas for what I could buy Jack, let me know. 我給傑克買甚麼東西好,如果你有甚麼主意請告訴我。
That's when I first had the idea of starting (= planned to start) my own business. 那是我首次有了自己創業的想法。
I like the idea of living in the countryside but I'm not sure I'd like the reality. 我覺得住在鄉村的想法很好,但我不肯定是否喜歡這樣一種現實。
She's full of bright (= good) ideas. 她滿腦子好點子。
[ + to infinitive ] It was Kate's idea to hire bikes. 租腳踏車是凱特的主意。
It's not a good idea to drive for hours without a rest. 連續開車幾個小時都不休息不是個好主意。

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