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importverb [ T ]

uk /ɪmˈpɔːt/ us /ˈɪm.pɔːrt/

B2 to buy or bring in products from another country

We import a large number of cars from Japan. 我們從日本進口大量的汽車。

to introduce new goods, customs, or ideas to one country from another

Jazz is an American modification of musical conventions imported from Europe. 戴棒球帽的潮流是直接從美國傳進來的。
the spelling of imported words

specialized computing to copy information from one computer or computer program to another

I need to import data from the database into this spreadsheet. 我需要將資料從資料庫導入到我的文字處理器中。
imported files 導入的文件

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uk /ˈɪm.pɔːt/ us /ˈɪm.pɔːrt/

import noun (BRINGING IN)

C1 [ C ] goods bought by one country from another

restrictions on foreign imports 對外國進口商品的限制

C2 [ U ] also importation the action of bringing goods or fashions into a country

the illegal importation of drugs 非法的毒品輸入
an import licence 進口許可證
import duties 進口稅

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import noun (IMPORTANCE)

[ U ] formal importance or meaning

Whether it is to be a "working" visit or an "official" visit is of little/no import. 是「工作訪問」還是「正式訪問」,這並不重要。

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