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uk /ɪmˈpɒs.ə.bəl/ us /ɪmˈpɑː.sə.bəl/

B1 If an action or event is impossible, it cannot happen or be achieved.

It was impossible to sleep because of the noise. 噪音太大,無法入睡。
It seems impossible that I could have walked by without noticing her. 我似乎不太可能走過而沒有注意到她。
He made it impossible for me to say no. 他使我無法說不。
She ate three plates of spaghetti and a dessert? That's impossible. I don't believe it! 她吃了三盤的義大利麵條和一份甜點?那不可能。我不信!

C2 An impossible situation is extremely difficult to deal with or solve.

It's an impossible situation - she's got to leave him but she can't bear losing her children. 這是個極其艱難的處境—— 她必須離開他,但卻捨不得孩子。

C2 An impossible person behaves very badly or is extremely difficult to deal with.

I had to leave the job because my boss was impossible. 我一定要辭職,因為我的老闆實在是太差勁了。
My niece is impossible when she's tired - you can't do anything to please her. 我姪女累的時候很難相處——你做甚麼也無法使她高興。

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impossiblenoun [ S ]

uk /ɪmˈpɒs.ə.bəl/ us /ɪmˈpɑː.sə.bəl/
the impossible

something that cannot be expected to happen or exist

She wants a man who is attractive and funny as well, which is asking the impossible in my opinion. 她想找一個聰明、有魅力又風趣的男人,這在我看來是不可能的事。

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