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impressverb [ I or T, not continuous ]

uk /ɪmˈpres/ us /ɪmˈpres/

B2 to cause someone to admire or respect you

I remember when I was a child being very impressed with how many toys she had. 我記得小時候我對她有那麼多的玩具羨慕不已。
Your mother was clearly not impressed by our behaviour in the restaurant. 你媽媽對我們在餐廳的行為顯然沒有好印象。
He tried to impress me with his extensive knowledge of wine. 他想以自己在葡萄酒方面的淵博知識讓我對他刮目相看。
formal I'm afraid the new theatre fails to impress. 恐怕這座新戲院不會受到矚目。

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