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uk /ɪn/ us /ɪn/

in preposition (INSIDE)

A1 inside a container, place, or area, or surrounded or closed off by something

Is Mark still in bed? 馬克還在睡覺嗎?
I got stuck in a traffic jam for half an hour. 我堵車堵了半個小時。
They live in a charming old house. 他們住在一間可愛的老屋內。
How much is that coat on display in the window (= in the space behind the window of the shop)? 櫥窗內展示的那件大衣多少錢?
I've got a pain in my back. 我背痛。
What's that in your hand? 你手裡拿的是甚麼東西?
I've got something in (= on the surface of) my eye. 我眼睛裡進了東西。
They used to live in Paris, but now they're somewhere in Austria. 他們以前住在巴黎,但現在住在奧地利的某個地方。
He's always looking at himself in the mirror (= at the image of his face produced by the mirror). 他老是在鏡子前照來照去。
I never know what's going on in her head (= what she's thinking about). 我從來不知道她在想甚麼。
My daughter's in hospital (US in the hospital) having her tonsils out. 我女兒在住院切除扁桃體。
US Is Erika still in school (= does she still go to school)? 埃麗卡還上學嗎?

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in preposition (INTO)

into something

Come on, we're late - get in the car. 快點,我們遲到了——快上車。
Put the milk back in the fridge when you've finished with it. 喝完牛奶後把它放回冰箱。
They threw him in the swimming pool. 他們把他扔進游泳池。

in preposition (PART)

A2 forming a part of something

He used to be the lead singer in a rock band. 他曾是一個搖滾樂隊的主音歌手。
There are too many spelling mistakes in this essay. 這篇文章中的拼寫錯誤太多。
I've been waiting in this queue for ages. 我在這個隊裡排了很長時間了。
What do you look for in a relationship? 你想從情愛關係中得到甚麼?
I can see a future champion in Joely (= I think that Joely might become a champion). 我覺得喬利將來會成為冠軍。
Talent like hers is rare in someone so young. 像她這樣年輕又有如此才華者實屬罕見。

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in preposition (DURING)

A1 during part or all of a period of time

We're going to Italy in April. 我們將在四月去義大利。
Some trees lose their leaves in (the) autumn. 有些樹秋天落葉。
I started working here in 2009. 我從2009年開始在這裡工作。
Life in the 19th century was very different from what it is now. 19世紀時的生活與現在大不相同。
Bye, see you in the morning (= tomorrow morning). 再見,明早見。
She was a brilliant gymnast in her youth (= when she was young). 她年輕時是個優秀的體操運動員。
How many civilians died in the Vietnam War? 越南戰爭中有多少平民死亡?
This is the first cigarette I've had in three years. 這是我三年來抽的第一支煙。
I haven't had a decent night's sleep in years/ages (= for a long time). 我很久沒有好好睡過一覺了。
in between

between the two times mentioned

I have breakfast at 7.30, lunch at 1.00, and sometimes a snack in between. 我7點30分吃早餐,下午1點吃午餐,有時在兩餐之間吃一點零食。

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in preposition (NO MORE THAN)

A2 needing or using no more time than a particular amount of time

Can you finish the job in two weeks? 你能在兩周內完成這項工作嗎?
She could get that essay done in a couple of hours if she really tried. 如果她真的盡力的話,她可在幾小時內完成那篇文章。
They completed the journey in record time (= faster than ever done before). 他們完成行程耗時之短前所未有。

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in preposition (BEFORE THE END)

A2 before or at the end of a particular period

Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. 晚飯將在十分鐘後準備好。
We'll all be dead in a hundred years so there's no point worrying about it. 百年後我們都已死去,因此為此擔心是沒有必要的。
I'm just setting off, so I should be with you in half an hour. 我正要出發,所以我半小時後應該會到你那裡。

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in preposition (EXPERIENCING)

B1 experiencing a situation or condition, or feeling an emotion

We watched in horror as they pulled the bodies from the wreckage. 我們驚恐地看著他們把屍體從殘骸中拖出來。
He's living in luxury in the south of France. 他正在法國南部過著奢侈的生活。
She left in a bit of a hurry. 她離開時有點匆忙。
You're in great danger. 你很危險。
Could I have a word with you in private? 我能私下與你談談嗎?
Have you ever been in love? 你談過戀愛嗎?
Your car's in very good condition, considering how old it is. 以這麼舊的汽車來說,你車的狀況算是很不錯的了。

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in preposition (EXPRESSED)

B1 expressed or written in a particular way

Cheques should be written in ink. 支票要用墨水筆填寫。
She usually paints in watercolour. 她通常用水彩畫畫。
They spoke in Russian the whole time. 他們一直用俄語交談。
He always talks in a whisper. 他說話時聲音總是那麼小。

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in preposition (RESULT)

B2 used when referring to something that is done as a result of something else

I'd like to do something for you in return/exchange for everything you've done for me. 我想為你做些事來報答你為我所做的一切。
The changes are in response to demand from our customers. 這些變化是應我們顧客的要求而作出的。
He refused to say anything in reply to the journalists' questions. 他拒絕對記者的提問作任何回答。

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in preposition (ARRANGEMENT)

B1 used to show how things or people are arranged or divided

We all sat down in a circle. 我們大家圍坐成一圈。
The desks were arranged in rows of ten. 課桌每十張排成一列。
Discounts are available to people travelling in large groups. 多人組團旅遊享有折扣。
Sometimes customers buy books in twos and threes, but rarely in larger quantities than that. 有時顧客會一次買兩三本書,但很少超過這個數量。
Cut the potatoes in two. 把馬鈴薯切成兩半。
People are dying in their thousands from cold and starvation. 成千上萬的人死於傷寒、寒冷和飢餓。

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in preposition (AGE/TEMPERATURE)

used when referring approximately to someone's age or the weather temperature

Nowadays many women are in their late thirties when they have their first child. 如今許多婦女生第一胎時都已經接近40歲了。
Temperatures will be in the mid-twenties (= about 25 degrees). 氣溫將在25度左右。

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in preposition (INVOLVED)

B1 involved or connected with a particular subject or activity

I never knew you were in publishing. 我以前從不知道你在出版界工作。
a degree in philosophy 哲學學位
advances in medical science 醫學的進步

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in preposition (WEARING)

B1 wearing

Do you recognize that man in the grey suit? 你能認出那個穿著灰色西裝的男人嗎?
Pat can't resist men in uniform. 派特抗拒不了穿制服的男人的魅力。
You look nice in green (= green clothes). 你穿綠色衣服很好看。

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in preposition (COMPARING AMOUNTS)

used to compare one part of an amount of something with the total amount of it

Apparently one in ten people/one person in ten has problems with reading. 顯然,每十個人中有一個閱讀有問題。
UK The basic rate of income tax is 25 pence in (US on) the pound. 所得稅基本稅率是每英鎊25便士。

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in preposition (CHARACTERISTIC)

used to show which characteristic or part of a person or thing is being described

The new version is worse in every respect - I much preferred the original. 新版本在各方面都較差——我較喜歡原來的版本。
Are the two bags equal in weight? 兩個提包一樣重嗎?
She's deaf in her left ear. 她左耳失聰。

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in preposition (CAUSE)

[ + -ing verb ] used to show when doing one thing is the cause of another thing happening

In refusing (= because she refused) to work abroad, she missed an excellent job opportunity. 由於拒絕去國外工作,她錯過了一個極好的工作機會。
The government banned tobacco advertising and, in doing so (= because of this), contributed greatly to the nation's health. 政府禁止煙草廣告,這樣做對國民的健康大有裨益。
in that formal


This research is important in that it confirms the link between aggression and alcohol. 這項研究非常重要,因為它證實了攻擊行為和酗酒之間的聯繫。

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uk /ɪn/ us /ɪn/

in adverb (FROM OUTSIDE)

A2 from outside, or towards the centre

Could you bring the clothes in for me? 你能幫我把衣服拿進來嗎?
The roof of their house caved in during a hurricane. 他們的屋頂在颶風來襲時坍塌了。
Cut the pastry into a square and turn in the corners. 把油酥麵團切成一個小方塊,然後把四角向內摺起。
be in and out of somewhere informal

to often be staying in and receiving treatment in a particular place

She's been in and out of hospitals ever since the accident. 自從那次意外之後,她成了醫院的常客。

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in adverb (AT PLACE)

B1 at home or at work

When did you get home? I never heard you come in. 你是甚麼時候回家的?我一直都沒聽見你進來。
Mr Ellis isn't in this week. 艾理斯先生這個星期不工作。

in adverb (INSIDE)

within an object, area, or substance

We've been shut in all day. 我們被關了一整天。
UK Has the soup got any salt in? 這湯放鹽了嗎?

in adverb (TRANSPORT)

B2 having arrived at the place where people can get on or off

What time is Roz's flight due in? 羅茲的航班該甚麼時候到?

in adverb (GIVEN)

B2 given or sent to someone official in order to be read

When does your essay have to be in? 你的文章要甚麼時候交?
Remember to get your application in by the end of the week. 別忘了在週末前遞交申請。

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in adverb (COAST)

towards the coast, beach, or harbour

The tide comes in very quickly here and you can soon find yourself stranded. 這裡的潮水漲得很快,馬上你就會發現自己被困住了。
We stood watching the ship come in. 我們站在那裡看船進港。

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in adverb (COMPLETION)

used to refer to an activity that makes something complete

Just pencil in the answer unless you're sure it's correct. 如果對答案不是很確定就先用鉛筆填。
The text is finished, but the pictures will have to be pasted in later. 文字完成了,但以後還需要把圖片貼上去。
UK Would you mind filling in a questionnaire about what you watch on television? 請填寫一份關於你收看的電視節目的調查問卷好嗎?

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in adverb (SPORT)

If the ball is in during a game of tennis or a similar sport, it has not gone outside the edges of the area on which the game is played.

I won that point, I'm telling you! The ball was definitely in! 我敢說,我贏了那一分!球肯定在界內!

taking your turn to play, especially taking your turn to hit the ball

Who's in next for our team? 我們隊下一個輪到誰?
It started to rain just as our team was going in to bat. 剛輪到我們隊擊球就下起了雨。


uk /ɪn/ us /ɪn/ informal

fashionable or popular

High heels are in this season. 此季高跟鞋很流行。
The new jazz club seems to be the in place to go at the moment. 這家新的爵士樂俱樂部好像是當前的熱門去處。


before l il-, before b, m or p im-, before r ir- uk /ɪn-/ us /ɪn-/

used to add the meaning "not", "lacking", or "the opposite of" to adjectives and to words formed from adjectives

incomplete/incompletely 不完全的/不完全地
illegal/illegally 非法的/非法地
impossible/impossibly 不可能的/不可能地
irregular/irregularly 不規則的/不規則地


uk / -ɪn/ us / -ɪn/

used to form a noun which describes an activity in which many people take part

a sit-in/phone-in 靜坐示威/熱線電話直播節目

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