Translation of "incite" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /ɪnˈsaɪt/ us /ɪnˈsaɪt/

to encourage someone to do or feel something unpleasant or violent

She incited racial hatred by distributing anti-Semitic leaflets. 她派發反猶太傳單煽動種族仇恨。
[ + to infinitive ] She was expelled for inciting her classmates to rebel against their teachers. 她因煽動同學反對老師而被開除。
They denied inciting the crowd to violence. 他們否認煽動群眾鬧事。
incitement noun [ U ] uk /ɪnˈsaɪt.mənt/ us /ɪnˈsaɪt.mənt/

[ + to infinitive ] They were imprisoned for incitement to commit grievous bodily harm. 他們因教唆他人犯下嚴重人身傷害罪行而被監禁。

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