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uk /ˈɪn.də.stri/ us /ˈɪn.də.stri/

industry noun (PRODUCTION)

B2 [ U ] the companies and activities involved in the process of producing goods for sale, especially in a factory or special area

trade and industry 貿易和工業
industry and commerce 工商業
The city needs to attract more industry. 這個城市需要吸引更多的工業。
The strike seriously reduced coal deliveries to industry. 罷工使得向工業輸送的煤炭量大幅下降。

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industry noun (TYPE OF WORK)

B1 [ C ] the people and activities involved in one type of business

the gas/electricity industry 燃氣業/電力工業
the tourist industry 旅遊業
manufacturing industries 製造業
The computer industry has been booming. 電腦行業已經日益蓬勃起來了。

[ C ] disapproving something that is produced or is available in large quantities and makes a lot of money

the heritage industry 遺產產業

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industry noun (QUALITY)

[ U ] formal the quality of regularly working hard

I must say that I'm very impressed by her industry. 我必須承認,她的勤奮給我留下了很深的印象。

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