Translation of "insecure" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective (NOT CONFIDENT) 不自信的 uk us /ˌɪn.sɪˈkjʊər/ US  /-ˈkjʊr/

Insecure people have little confidence and are uncertain about their own abilities and about whether other people really like them

I wonder what it was about her upbringing that made her so insecure. 我想知道究竟是甚麼樣的成長經歷造成她如此不自信。
He still feels insecure about his ability to do the job. 他對自己是否有能力勝任這項工作仍沒有把握。
insecurely uk us /ˌɪn.sɪˈkjʊə.li/ US  /-kjʊr-/ adverb

The shelves were insecurely fastened and fell to the floor. 書架沒有固定好,結果倒在地板上。
insecurity uk us /ˌɪn.sɪˈkjʊə.rɪ.ti/ US  /-ˈkjʊr.ə.t̬i/ noun [ C or U ]

a sense/feeling of insecurity 不自信的感覺
She had developed an outgoing personality to mask her deep insecurities. 她養成了爽直的性格來掩飾內心深處的不安感。
financial insecurity 沒有保障的財政

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