Translation of "intolerable" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /ɪnˈtɒl.ər.ə.bl̩/ US  /-ˈtɑː.lɚ-/

too bad or unpleasant to deal with or accept

The situation has become intolerable. 局勢已經變得無法容忍。
The constant fighting made life at home intolerable. 持續不斷的爭吵使家庭生活變得無法忍受。
Three-quarters of the world's population live in conditions that people in the West would find intolerable. 世界上四分之三的人口生活在西方人會感到難以忍受的環境中。
intolerably uk us /ɪnˈtɒl.ər.ə.bli/ US  /-ˈtɑː.lɚ-/ adverb

(Translation of “intolerable” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)