Translation of "involve" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T not continuous ] uk us /ɪnˈvɒlv/ US  /-ˈvɑːlv/

to include someone or something in something, or to make them take part in or feel part of it

The second accident involved two cars and a lorry. 第二次意外涉及兩輛小汽車和一輛大卡車。
I prefer teaching methods that actively involve students in learning. 我較喜歡能讓學生主動參與學習的教學法。
[ + -ing verb ] The operation involves putting a small tube into your heart. 這項手術需要在你的心臟裡放一根小管。
Research involving the use of biological warfare agents will be used for defensive purposes. 與使用生物戰手段有關的研究將用來防禦。
She's been involved with animal rights for many years. 她多年來一直參與保護動物權益的活動。
It would be difficult not to involve the child's father in the arrangements. 不讓孩子的父親參與籌劃會很困難。

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