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ismnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɪz.əm/ us /ˈɪz.əm/ informal mainly humorous

a set of beliefs, especially ones that you disapprove of

Thatcher is unique among her predecessors in having given the English language a brand new ism, created from her own name. 柴契爾為英語詞彙增添了一個全新的「主義」,以其本人姓氏命名,這與前任各屆首相相比是獨一無二的。


uk / -ɪ.zəm/ us / -ɪ.zəm/

used to form nouns that refer to social, political, or religious beliefs, studies, or ways of behaving

sexism 性別歧視
feminism 女權主義
Buddhism 佛教

an example of typical behaviour

That expression was a real Taylor-ism (= an example of behaving or speaking like Taylor). 那種表達具有典型的泰勒特徵。

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