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uk /ˈdʒʌs.tɪs/ us /ˈdʒʌs.tɪs/

justice noun (FAIRNESS)

B2 [ U ] fairness in the way people are dealt with

There's no justice in the world when people can be made to suffer like that. 如果人們被迫遭受這樣的痛苦,那麼世上就沒有公平正義可言了。
The winner has been disqualified for cheating, so justice has been done (= a fair situation has been achieved). 獲勝者因舞弊而被取消了資格,正義得以伸張。

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justice noun (LAW)

B2 [ U ] the system of laws in a country that judges and punishes people

the justice system in this country consists of a series of law courts at different levels. 這個國家的司法體系由各級法庭組成。
The police are doing all they can to bring those responsible for the bombing to justice. 警方正竭盡全力將爆炸案的涉案歹徒繩之以法。
They are victims of a miscarriage of justice (= when the law has been carried out wrongly). 他們是審判不公的受害者。
He has been accused of obstructing the course of justice (= preventing the law being put into action). 他被控阻礙執法。

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justice noun (JUDGE)

[ C ] US a judge in a law court

The president is expected to name a new Supreme Court justice within the next few days. 預計總統會在未來幾天內任命一名新的最高法院法官。
Justice Ben Overton 班‧奧佛頓法官

[ C ] UK used before the name of a judge in the High Court

Mr Justice Ellis 法官艾利斯先生

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