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uk /kɪl/ us /kɪl/

kill verb (DEATH)

A2 [ I or T ] to cause someone or something to die

Her parents were killed in a plane crash. 她的父母死於一次空難。
Smoking can kill. 吸煙會危及生命。
Food must be heated to a high temperature to kill harmful bacteria. 食物必須經高溫加熱以殺滅有害細菌。

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kill verb (FINISH)

C2 [ T ] to stop or destroy a relationship, activity, or experience

Lack of romance can kill a marriage. 缺少浪漫會毀掉婚姻。
They gave her some tablets to kill the pain. 他們給她一些藥片來止痛。
Kill your speed. 停下來。

[ T ] mainly US informal also kill off to drink all of something

We killed off two six-packs watching the game. 看比賽時,我們喝掉了兩盒六瓶裝啤酒。

kill verb (EFFORT)

C1 [ T ] informal to cause someone a lot of effort or difficulty

It wouldn't kill you to apologize. 道歉對你來說算不了甚麼。
He didn't exactly kill himself trying to get the work finished. 他並沒有竭盡全力去完成工作。

kill verb (HURT)

[ T ] informal to cause someone a lot of pain

I must sit down, my feet are killing me! 我一定要坐下來,我的腳痛極了!

kill verb (ANGER)

A2 [ T ] informal If you say that someone will kill you, you mean that they will be very angry with you.

My sister would kill me if she heard me say that. 要是我姐姐聽見我那麼說,非殺了我不可。

kill verb (ENTERTAIN)

[ T ] mainly US informal to make someone laugh a lot

That comedian kills me. 那個喜劇演員真是把我笑翻了。
kill yourself informal

to laugh very much

We were killing ourselves laughing. 我們快笑死了。

killnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /kɪl/ us /kɪl/

an animal or bird that has been hunted and killed, or the action of killing

The leopard seizes its kill and begins to eat. 豹子抓住獵物,便吃了起來。
Like other birds of prey, it quickly moves in for the kill. 如同其他猛禽一樣,它飛行迅速以捕食獵物。

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