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uk /lænd/ us /lænd/

land noun (DRY SURFACE)

B2 [ U ] the surface of the earth that is not covered by water

It is cheaper to drill for oil on land than at sea. 在陸地上鑽探石油比在海上更經濟。
The treaty has led to a dramatic reduction in the number of land-based missiles in Europe. 該條約的簽訂導致了歐洲陸基導彈的數量大幅減少。
The military commanders won't deploy their land forces until they're satisfied that the air attacks have done their job. 軍隊指揮官們將一直等到他們覺得空中打擊奏效了之後才會開始部署地面部隊。

B1 [ U ] an area of ground, especially when used for a particular purpose such as farming or building

This sort of land is no good for growing potatoes. 這種地不適合種馬鈴薯。
I always prosecute people who trespass on my land. 對擅自闖入我的領地的人我一律都要告上法庭。
We want to buy a plot of land to build a house. 我們想買一塊地蓋房子。
the land

farms, farming, and the countryside

Most of the families lived off the land (= grew their own food, etc.). 大多數家庭靠種田過活。
My parents worked (on) the land. 我父母都務農。

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land noun (COUNTRY)

C2 [ C ] literary a country

a land of ice and snow 冰雪的國度
The group want to promote their ideas in schools throughout the land. 該團體到全國各地的學校去宣傳他們的理念。

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uk /lænd/ us /lænd/

land verb (ARRIVE)

B1 [ I or T ] to (cause to) arrive on the ground or other surface after moving down through the air

We should land in Madrid at 7 a.m. 我們將於早上7點鐘飛抵馬德里。
You can land a plane on water in an emergency. 緊急情況下飛機可以迫降在水上。
The bird landed on my finger.
figurative The report first landed on my desk this morning. 這份報告最初是在今天早上出現在我的桌上。

B1 [ I ] to arrive on land from the sea

We landed at Port Said in the early evening. 傍晚時分我們乘船抵達賽伊德港。

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land verb (UNLOAD)

[ T ] to take goods or people off a ship or aircraft

The general's plan involved landing troops behind enemy lines. 將軍的計劃包括向敵人後方空投部隊。

land verb (CATCH)

[ T ] to catch a fish with a hook (= curved piece of wire) or net and remove it from the water

He landed a huge salmon. 他釣到了一條很大的鮭魚。

land verb (GET)

C2 [ T ] to get or achieve something good, especially in a way that seems easy or unexpected

He landed a senior editorial job. 他剛剛輕而易舉地得到了一份資深編輯的工作。

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