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uk /leɪ/ us /leɪ/ laid

lay verb (PUT DOWN)

C1 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to put something in especially a flat or horizontal position, usually carefully or for a particular purpose

She laid the baby on the bed. 她把嬰兒放在了床上。
He laid the tray down on the table. 他把托盤放在桌子上。
She laid aside her book and went to answer the phone. 她把書放在一邊去接電話。
We're having a new carpet laid in the hall next week. 我們準備下周給大廳鋪新地毯。
The plan is to lay (= build) the foundations for the new apartments in October. 按照計劃新公寓將於十月打地基。

[ T ] to prepare a plan or a method of doing something

Even the best laid plans go wrong sometimes. 即使最周密的計劃有時也會出錯。

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lay verb (LIE)

past simple of lie verb


lay verb (PRODUCE EGGS)

B2 [ I or T ] (of an animal or bird) to produce eggs from out of the body

Thousands of turtles drag themselves onto the beach and lay their eggs in the sand. 成千上萬隻海龜爬上海灘在沙裡産卵。

lay verb (HAVE SEX)

[ T ] slang to have sex with someone

So did you get laid (= find someone to have sex with)? 你和人發生性關係了嗎?

lay verb (RISK MONEY)

[ T ] to risk something, usually money, on the result of an event

She won't get the job - I'd lay money on it! 她得不到那份工作——我敢打賭!

lay verb (EXPRESS)

[ T ] to express a claim, legal statement, etc. in a serious or official way

She can't accept she made a mistake and now she's trying to lay the blame on (= accuse) her assistant. 她無法接受自己犯錯誤的事實,於是想把責任推到助手的頭上。
Do you understand the seriousness of the charge (= legal accusation) that has been laid against you? 你知道對你的這項指控有多嚴重嗎?
lay claim to sth

to say that you own something

Two companies have laid claim to the design. 兩家公司都聲稱自己擁有此項設計的所有權。

layadjective [ before noun ]

uk /leɪ/ us /leɪ/

lay adjective [ before noun ] (NOT TRAINED)

not trained in or not having a detailed knowledge of a particular subject

From a lay viewpoint the questionnaire is virtually incomprehensible. 從外行的角度看,這份問卷調查簡直讓人無法理解。
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lay adjective [ before noun ] (CHURCH)

having a position in a religious organization that is not a full-time job and is not paid

a lay preacher 兼職牧師
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laynoun [ C ]

uk /leɪ/ us /leɪ/ slang

used to describe how good someone is at sex, or how often they have sex

She's a good lay (= sex with her is enjoyable). 她是個不錯的性伴侶。
She got a reputation as an easy lay (= she was thought to have slept with a lot of people). 她和很多人都睡過,得了個放蕩的名聲。

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