Translation of "lay" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (PUT DOWN) 放下 uk us /leɪ/ (laid)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to put something in especially a flat or horizontal position, usually carefully or for a particular purpose

She laid the baby on the bed. 她把嬰兒放在了床上。
He laid the tray down on the table. 他把托盤放在桌子上。
She laid aside her book and went to answer the phone. 她把書放在一邊去接電話。
We're having a new carpet laid in the hall next week. 我們準備下周給大廳鋪新地毯。
The plan is to lay (= build) the foundations for the new apartments in October. 按照計劃新公寓將於十月打地基。

[ T ] to prepare a plan or a method of doing something

Even the best laid plans go wrong sometimes. 即使最周密的計劃有時也會出錯。

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